Thursday, March 23, 2017

Thursday March 23, 2017 Miscellaneous

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Thursday March 23, 2017
I could see a gorgeous sunrise forming as I walked the dogs and was almost too late to capture it.  We had the makings of a nice day forming but it was not to last.
I made it to my final physio session today and, as I said yesterday, I am not very happy with the non-results.  I have another appointment with a doctor therapist on March 31st so I will wait until then to ask her to schedule some different treatment.  I am especially disappointed that the 20-minute TENS stimulation has not really produced any relief, and yet I want to purchase one of those machines...
Then Cristina dragged me downtown again which is always dangerous because I am an impulse shopper and usually $30-$40 disappears pretty darn quick.  Today my find was an elegant track suit for $15.  I can't pass up a bargain like that even if I don't really need it at the moment.
I was hungry in the mid-afternoon, and of course it started to rain, so we headed over to T-Rex Burgers on Benigno Malo only to find it closed yet again.  I was so frustrated because I have tried to eat there about 7 times and have not found it open until yesterday.  Cristina wanted a coffee at a vegetarian place but I refused to eat vegetarian when my heart was set on a juicy burger...    I am standing in the doorway and called Cesar to see why he was closed, because I had understood that he opened at 11am..  He said that he is now open for breakfast a 7:30, open until 3, then closes for 2 hours...  I look left and I see Cesar walking and sitting at the entrance, so we laugh and I go to meet him.  He opens the restaurant, just for me, and cooks me a tasty burger that will definitely have me returning again.  Cristina came over after her coffee and helped me eat the burger.  Then Cesar asked if I would help him with some some food photos, so we will see him next week..., and trade services.
We got home in time to watch Colombia beat Bolivia 1-0 then were very disappointed with Ecuador's losing performance 1-2 to Paraguay.  Soccer (futbol) is really big here and even I was wearing the yellow Ecuador jersey.  Ecuador at one time topped the South American team eliminations but have had a succession of losses recently.  I think they will be OK and qualify for the World Cup in Russia for 2018.
All the Herederos were also glued to their TV sets  and we all said we would show up for the usual Thursday night ride after the game.  But, Mother Nature had other plans for us as she decided to rain on our parade yet again.
Then Carlos and Tom, the newlyweds, came by again today to check out two apartments for rent in this area.  They will try to actually view the inside of both of them tomorrow.  One of the apartments is in a building owned by our buddy Raul. 
I hope you enjoy the photos. That was the day's excitement. Cheers, Al
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We can get some lovely sunrises here and I am in a great spot to capture them

The beginning of a great burger... at T-Rex Burgers