Friday, March 31, 2017

Friday March 31, 2017 El Patio

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Friday March 31, 2017
I had been waiting for 2 months to come to this 7:30am appointment with a physical therapist examiner, which was arranged by my surgeon. The cute Doctor Ana at IESS gave me pills, and protein powder, then ordered 30 days of physio, 10 days at 3 different stations.  The pills are for neurological disorders including epilepsy but, according to Wikipedia, it is unclear how it works….   Dosage could be up to 6 pills per day but I am only ordered to take 1 per day, so that is OK with me.
I was able to make the appointment at one station but they don't start until April 19th, Ughhh.
I was to return at 10:30 to make appointments with the other 2 stations.  It was still raining at noon so I finally just walked back in the rain. Neither of them could do any therapy in the intervening 18 days so now I have therapy running from April 19 to June 9, and the last session I am back with Diego, whom I started with in January. Diego says that I will have 4 of the 10 sessions for White Wave (I think I heard it right) therapy that is going to hurt (looking forward to this for sure…), and I’ll need some days to recover, so the WW is on 4 Fridays, recuperate Saturday-Sunday, and then 2 regular sessions for the first 3 weeks on Monday-Tuesday.
I was supposed to go take some house photos for Dot in the afternoon but the rain continued all afternoon so that gig had to be postponed. So, a long nap was in order to counteract the poor sleep from last night.
The rain finally quit in the late afternoon so I got to walk the girls without getting soaked, but I wore rubber boots. The river is really high and the banks are eroding to the base of many very aged eucalyptus trees along the banks. I am certain that we will lose a number of these magnificent tall trees this year. This makes me recall visiting Boquete, Panama in 2010 after they had had devastating flood damage and were doing something about it. They had backhoes and articulating trucks working in the shallow river (like ours) and moving the big rocks to the banks to stop the erosion. This also had the effect of deepening the river a tad. Mother Nature would quickly adjust the plant and fish life so no real
ecological damage is done, on the contrary, it eliminates a lot of future damage. I have no idea why they don’t do this quickly in Cuenca. I took a few shots with the tiny Lumix, one-handed, holding 3 dogs, so please forgive the quality.

This evening Gustavo picked us up to go back to El Patio because we both love Gyros.  This is a clean collection of street vendors in little trailers in an organized setting on 27 de Febrero just east of Solano.  The Gyros are a welcome change to the usual boring fare available in Cuenca. At El Patio we have many choices from Mexican to sushi. Cristina ordered something from the picture menu at a Colombian booth but they sorrily didn’t have that item this evening so she was put off and didn’t order from anywhere else, she just wanted a coffee.
Then we came back home and I treated Gustavo to Debby’s cinnabons, and he was in heaven...
I hope you enjoy the photos. That was the day’s excitement.
Cheers, Al

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My prescriptions from Dra. Ana

After the morning storm #1

After the morning storm #2

After the morning storm #3

Rio Tomebamba is very high

The water is eroding the riverbanks

Soon we will be losing some very old eucalyptus trees

Finally got a good shot of the sign

One section of the food fair

Another section with seating in the center

A view from near the entrance #1

A view from near the entrance #2

The Gyro trailer.  Food ready in 10 minutes

Cristina getting a coffee

Gustavo in heaven with cinnabon