Sunday, March 5, 2017

Sunday March 5, 2017 Sustag

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Sunday March 5, 2017
Our informal riding group has not been out riding since my accident so it was really nice to get out with LT and Jeff again, and I invited Gustavo to come along.  Thank you to Jeff for being the instigator of these rides.
Our destination was a lovely Hacienda near Sustag, west of Cuenca, which was once called Hacienda Los Cedros, because it sits in a grove of cedars.  The ride out is so very scenic and most of the road is paved.  There is about 3 miles of gravel which has many potholes because of the consistent rain.  We encountered a landslide as well.
The hacienda is now being rented by Jeff and 6 others for weekly getaways and as a base for their hiking.  The place is extremely impressive and has a huge yard which makes a person want to have a horse....  It also backs onto a free-flowing river which has some amazing colours ranging from cobalt to green.
We spent some time enjoying the ambience and taking photos.  All of my companions have a good eye for photography.
We decided to go to Le Petit Jardin in Sayausi for lunch on the way back.  I have heard many good things about this restaurant and it did not disappoint.  I would never have found this place because it is tucked way off a main road, and if you miss the small sign....  Word of mouth keeps them in business so they can't afford to serve bad food or give bad service.  It isn't often that I get out to eat in a fancy place, much less spend $20 for an appetizer, main course and a beer, ... but this was definitely worth the trip.  

Please note that you should try to SUBSCRIBE to this Blog on the right as it seems to be working now. I sincerely do appreciate the hundreds of regular followers who hung in there during the glitch....
I hope you enjoy the photos. That was the day's excitement. Cheers, Al

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Jeff stopped by a landslide

Opening the gate to the new property.  Gustavo waiting.

LT waiting as well.  See the huge cedars lining the driveway..

A large house on a huge tract of land

I am in this shot, thanks to Gustavo.

I don't often get into photos....

Notice this incredible stump next to the doghouse

The land extends almost to that other house...

Some interesting travelers along the roadway.

And the sounds of a rushing river a few feet away..

This is the back view

This oven is the wish of every cook

Dining and living room stretch the length

Lots of antique items in the home

This is the upper deck

An inside view of the great driveway

I loved this magnificent loft area

Lots of books, mostly religious

More old books

Living room to dining room

Lovely little altar

More books

This is so ugly that it is beautiful

A large kitchen for entertaining

The gorgeous outside covered patio

Love the diversity of the flowers here

My back is to the river for this shot

Lichen or moss??

Another view of the land east of the hacienda

This bell is on the second level, above the patio

Action along a country road...

Some munch room.. lol

Dinner bells...

This neighbour stopped by

I found the Lord on this trip.  Can you find Him in the shot?

Le Petit Jardin is very well hidden

This was way bigger than I expected

It was all designed by the owners

The chef is well known to LT and Jeff

A magnificent open kitchen

At least 2 fireplaces

I loved this unmounted painting

My main dish and a Canadian beer...  Delicious!