Monday, March 20, 2017

Monday March 20, 2017 Wedding

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Monday March 20, 2017
Intermittent rain has kept us from doing much of anything both Saturday and Sunday so we stuck pretty close to home.  I am getting pretty tired of wiping 12 paws 4 times a day minimum...   The rivers are back down a little so we can breathe easier too.
We got information that there may be another Coopera payout this Wednesday so I put the word out.  Hopefully this is all true.
I also have decided to try another Oldies But Goodies dance on Tuesday April 4.  I am going to work with 2 other guys to control the sound and the music.  I am also toying with the idea to make this free to our supporters this time, just to try and draw a huge crowd.
I am really hoping that this round of physio is helping but I am really not feeling any great breakthroughs anywhere.  My hands and arms still feel like chilblains and I am getting pretty tired of that constant annoying sensation.
Our afternoon got hijacked by our friend Carlos' decision to get married in a civil union to a fellow named Tom from California.  Cristina and another Colombiana named Norma acted as witnesses while I wielded the camera.  Afterwards we went next door to the chinese food place for a very nice supper.
I did a few extra fun versions of the best wedding photo.....
I hope you enjoy the photos. That was the day's excitement. Cheers, Al
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The Rio Tomebamba is running more normally today

and it is still rushing to meet the Amazon

The hibiscus and the sky caught my eye

My physiotherapist Susana

The Civil Union happened here

The wedding party

Version # 01

Version #02

Version #03 - the original

Version #04

Version #05

Version #06

Version #07

Version #08

Version #09

Version #10

Version #11

Version #12

Version #13

Version #14

Adding a Venezuelan friend

Waiting for the paperwork to be produced

Sitting in front of the Notary with the paralegal Beverly

Pre-marriage jitters are gone

Signing the register by Tom

Signing the register by Carlos

Gotta have a signature closer to the one on the Cedula


The happy couple

Their future is wide open

Shot with the Paralegal

Add the witnesses

Using the Notary's side area

Add the Venezualan connection

Then they forced me to get in a picture too

Posed "Oh what have I done" shot

Posed "Oh what have I done" shot 2

Posed "Oh what have I done" shot 3