Friday, March 10, 2017

Friday March 10, 2017 Ginger

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Friday March 10, 2017
My friend Linda, aka LT, has contacted me a few times this week for some interesting possibilities.  She has been asked to do an article in a Fort Worth magazine about her adventures in Ecuador and was looking for some possible images to use.  She has chosen a few of my images (I am so flattered) and she will let me know which ones soon.  I just hope that I can easily find the big files for her.
Then she said that she needed photos of her and her dog, Ginger, as part of the story, ... and the editor is a dog lover...  So we set a time of 10am today to go near the Tomebamba to find some nice background.  But, the rains began this morning as I was walking the dogs and they just didn't quit.
We re-set a possible time of 2pm while I went to my physio at 12:20.  The gals don't seem to speak any English at this clinic so it is a good thing that my Spanish is passable.  Remember they asked me to bring a towel...  They took it away from me and I heard them comment that it was still damp from my shower.  They hooked me up to an electric impulse machine, concentrated to my neck and shoulders, then brought back in my towel, nice and warm.  The electric shocks felt good and went on for a long time.  Then Suzanna gave me a hard massage in the same area.  Then she worked my neck hard in all directions and some of those moves sent shock waves all down my body.  I don't feel a whole lot different after only one session, but... back on Monday.
About 1:35 I called Linda to say that we had some spotty blue sky and actual sunshine in our area and was she game to keep our appointment??  She said yes, so I got ready, hopped on Buzzer and met her near the Escalinata.  Cristina was supposed to come with me because I wanted her to help with the posing, then I would buy her lunch at the Black Olive.  She didn't trust the sky so she begged off (good decision).
LT and Ginger were right on time so we didn't waste any time starting at the Escalinata and moving westward.  Ginger is such a beautiful animal, much like our Mariposa, and just as active.  LT had doggie treats to get Ginger in position and, using multiple-shot technology, we snapped away.  After 4 nice locations we figured that we had enough to work with and parted ways again.  The posted photos are the best at each location, mostly based on Ginger's pose.....
The clouds looked pretty dark by the time I got home and I tried to get Cristina to go shopping at Coral, but again she didn't like the skies, another good decision, because it started to rain heavily right away.  I tried taking the dogs out quickly in front but they just looked at me "Are you crazy?"..
I double-checked the new drain pipe again and it is easily handling a heavy flow and not overtaxing the eavestrough.  
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I hope you enjoy the photos. That was the day's excitement. Cheers, Al
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LT and Ginger #1

LT and Ginger #2

LT and Ginger #3

LT and Ginger #4

Gotta love the beauty along the Rio Tomebamba

Yes, my new drain pipe is easily handling the load

This re-started about a minute after I got home

Yes, this will last a while and the rivers are very high right now