Saturday, August 27, 2016

Tuesday August 23, 2016 Puerto Lopez Revisited

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Tuesday August 23, 2016
OK, as promised, here are the processed Day 2 photos for Montanita and Puerto Lopez, which includes the whale-watching.

I apologize that Google seems to insist on using their own order for my photos... Ugh!
 You can read the original Blog and view the unprocessed photos here:
I hope you enjoy the photos.  That was the day's excitement,   Cheers, Al 
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Puerto Lopez has many boats for fishing, etc.

Frigate birds

First pose for Cristina

Second pose on the dock

First group ready to depart

Sorry, I love pelicans....

Oh, to be able to glide so effortlessly...

Look above the white poop to find the blue-footed boobies

There are a fair number of boobies on this cliff

They don't seem to mind the boats coming for a visit

Two of our group (and others) at the stern of the boat

This is what we came for

The big breaches

and the big splashes

We didn't see many this day

But we love the performances

#1 of a series of 4



and #4

A wave from a huge fin

Running in tandem

Strangely they have a puny dorsal fin

Cute Ecuadorian girl on this boat

Hundreds of frigate birds near the fishing boats

A pelican's gooney-bird landing

Correction to the left

They are so ugly they are pretty

Soaring with the greatest of ease

They want to be near the fishing boats too

The lazy ones land close by and beg to be fed

This is just beautiful

Cristina's Canada t-shirt confuses people

Even buzzards come for a feed

Lunch in Puerto Lopez

Fishermen repairing the nets

Low-altitude cruising

Skimming the surface with no worries

One has a gullet-full

Begging for the scraps

A little different processing

Silhouetted frigate birds

They too are very pretty in the sky

Another beach pose

Night action in Montanita

The ritzy hotel

Watching whales breach right from our hotel

Synchronized swimming by the humpbacks

Solo breach

Going for the big splash

Egret has caught a fish

This one dropped his catch

Running for take-off


Waiting for breakfast to swim by

Iguana area very near to our hotel

They sit and sun themselves near the bridge

They have very colourful pigments in their skin

Handsome fellow