Friday, August 5, 2016

Thursday August 4, 2016 Herederos

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Thursday August 4, 2016
OK, finally, all the dogs have been fixed, had the stitches removed, and had all their shots.  Another huge task completed and paid for….  While we were at it, we got Princesa clipped so she not only looks like a smaller dog today, she looks like a new dog altogether....
Tried all day to make an appointment online at IESS for Cristina to see a doctor to authorize surgery for her hernia.  Every time it says that there are no appointments available…  WTF is this horseshit anyway??  We posted this on FaceBook and got a few responses, most of which say to make the appointment by phone, and best at 7am…
I slipped out to join the Herederos tonight and we left the Broken Bridge to cruise Remigio Crespo twice before riding to El Centro and stopping near the Goza restaurant for a while.  Then we took off and rode all the way to Deleg and schmoozed around the church for a while.  Then they were headed back to the Nuna Cafe but I cut off at Monay and headed home.  I like it when we have a nice long ride like that.
I hope you enjoy the photos.  That was the day's excitement,   Cheers, Al 
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This isn't the same dog.. 

Princesa looks naked without her fuzzy coat

I guess we will get used to it

The bikers are gathering

The Broken Bridge Tavern has entertainment

This is a good place to meet

Esperanza and family were walking by

Some of our biker chicks

Maybe this is why we had 15 bikes tonight??

A very good couple

I'm not the only one taking photos

Artsy-fartsy bike and helmet shot

And another one

The arches make for nicely framed shots

Close to departure

Gentlemen, start your engines...

The line-up near Goza

14 of the bikes in this shot

It is more of a smoke break than anything

The rogues gallery

Rita acting goofy

This Ecuadorian bought this jacket in the USA

Good buddies for riding

The Deleg central square

The rogues gallery again

And from the other end..

This was at the corner of the church

Getting late, time to start back.