Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Wednesday August 17, 2016 Doctors

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Wednesday August 17, 2016
Today we were hoping that seeing this IESS doctor would get us a definite appointment for Cristina's hernia surgery.  Hoping.. being the operative word..  So, after another consultation, and examination, and confirmation of the ultrasound, she gives us an approval slip to take to the IESS office downtown, telling us that surgery will be performed at a private clinic, not the IESS hospital.  This made Cristina happy.
Then we had really slow service at the IESS as it appeared that they were having system problems, but we finally talked to the appointments guy and he gives us a slip to take within the next 30 days to Clinica La Paz near the 12 de Abril Mercado.  Since this is on the way home anyway, off we go....
I had never even heard of this clinic in my almost 5 years here and, honestly, my first impressions are not very good.  I have this horrible feeling that because Cristina is only a "conyuge" on my account that we are being sent to a second tier facility.
So we talk with the administration people at La Paz and they make us an appointment to see another doctor, presumably a surgeon, on Friday afternoon.  Hopefully then we will get an actual surgery appointment....
I had dragged my camera with me on this walkabout so I did take a couple of shots for you which I have then run through 3 programs to get the following results.
I hope you enjoy the photos.  That was the day's excitement,   Cheers, Al
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Hmmm, and this isn't the dogs' bed(s)

All eyes are on Cristina when we go out

She can't help it that she is gorgeous

The Tomebamba is a little low right now

El Centro was cool and gloomy

An example of mud house construction