Friday, August 12, 2016

Thursday August 11, 2016 Herederos

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Thursday August 11, 2016
A busy day today as I do my usual hours of work on emails, uploading artworks for sale, etc.  Then I organized my July receipts for personal submission to SRI later in the afternoon where they were accepted with no problem.  It is not as easy as submitting the IVA facturas online but at least they are in the system.  Now, if they would only pay us the refund like they are supposed to.....  We haven't been paid since December..
I got called yesterday that the dentist had moved up my appointment to today for the final fitting of my new crown.  I am most pleased with the results from Dra. Grace Ordonez and her easy manner.
Grace had also asked my advice about buying a new pocket camera, so naturally I told her about the one that I am about to buy, a Panasonic Lumix DMC-zs60.  

I still have not ordered mine but she got one quickly through Amazon and brought it to the office for viewing.  Now I am definitely ordering this camera!!  It is about the only pocket camera that can shoot RAW format, has a viewfinder, and a 30X zoom!!  It has some features that I miss, like Panorama, and many other new tricky features that I am aching to try out.  It isn't cheap, but this is one powerful little unit!  I was amazed at the detail on the huge screen so I am very excited to get this now.  I have to wait until my mule is ready to pick it up for me in New York.
Thursday night is ride night so I joined the Herederos like usual.  At the Broken Bridge Tavern I saw a lady musician that I recognized and wracked my brain to remember that she was a tango dancer at the Artwalk a couple of months ago... 
The destination for the Herederos was Paccha which means that we rode within blocks of our house to get there.  Part of the hope was that the weather would be clear enough to catch some of the spectacular Perseid meteor shower that is peaking today and tomorrow.  However it was decidedly overcast and it rained a fair bit while we were at the town of Paccha that we did not go up the poor road to the viewpoint, boo hoo.  Maybe tonight will be better, but not likely....  Clear skies are not common in Cuenca at this time of year.
I hope you enjoy the photos.  That was the day's excitement,   Cheers, Al 
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Relaxing at the Broken Bridge

We started with 12 bikes on tonight's ride

Music at the Broken Bridge Cafe by my tango lady

This guy was singing the song

Electronics are a big thing with most of the riders

The group is almost ready

Gotta love the shapes at the Puente Roto

My obligatory shot of Todos Santos

At Paccha in the rain

Against the wall to avoid getting soaked

10 bikes made it here, then joined by an 11th later

This is a good bunch of people

Everybody is always fun and jovial

This is an old house next to the church

Rain doesn't stop the local futbol game