Friday, August 19, 2016

Thursday August 18, 2016 Herederos

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Thursday August 18, 2016
I had to have Servicable come in again to update the Internet connection which has been sporadic lately, either super fast or deadly slow, and no in-between.  Their salesman thought it might be my router, but the techie said no, their info needed updating.
Then I was supposed to go arrange for the renewal of Toxic's registration with Victor and he said that he would be available after 1pm and that he would call....  I don't know why Ecuadorians think that an email apology 10 hours later is acceptable.  NOT!
I am thankful that I am able to catch the Olympics on CBC in English via the computer.  I find that I am enjoying the team sports and track running the best this year.  I thoroughly enjoyed the women's volleyball final between Serbia and the USA which I knew was going to be an epic battle, and it did not disappoint.
I went to the Herederos ride and who knew that there was a party goin' on at the Puente Roto...??  I still have no idea what it was about but they had free snack food, an army band, and dance groups.
I was kinda hoping that they had Cristina's new jacket ready, but I guess we won't see that until next week, if we get from Montanita in time....
Tonight's ride was to a town called Nulti which is off the Autopista just before Challuabamba.  And who knew that there was another party goin' on...??  They had a lively futbol game going while others were dancing on a stage behind.
Marcos, another photographer insisted that I take a few individual shots on the motos of new members, without flash, and in horizontal landscape mode.  For close shots like this I would prefer to use the flash portrait mode which gives truer colour but might get a bit more glare.  The lighting here for such shots is very yellow so I did my best to control the colour.  Marcos changes the background to include the group's logo, etc.
On the way back, close to Hospital IESS, one of the riders unfortunately had a rear flat tire on his Vespa.  Since I live so close to there, and it was past 10pm, the logical thing was to park it in my garage until Saturday.
I hope you enjoy the photos.  That was the day's excitement,   Cheers, Al 
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Yup, there's a party goin' on at the Broken Bridge

What's the party for?  I have no idea..

Dancers waiting to perform

More of them waiting

The army band is crankin' out the tunes

There is a fair number of people here

Dancers ready to perform.  Mr music please....

Looking up from the street

Now my helmet matches Toxic

Two youngsters enjoying the festivities while Mom dances

Another group getting ready

Time to go for the Herederos

Nulti seems to be a nice little town

9 motos and 11 people tonight

Picturesque church

Futbol game with dancers in the background on the right

Group shot #1, minus yours truly

Group shot #2

Used a flash on this

A flash on this too

Tough to regulate shots without a flash

But we do our best to accomodate

Hope these serve their purposes

Not all the riders are guys

We had some new people join us tonight

A parting shot

Oops, we have a visitor

The dogs seem well-fed in this town