Thursday, August 25, 2016

Thursday August 25, 2016 Montanita

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Thursday August 25, 2016
Last night I looked down from our balcony at the hotel and thought that I was seeing things.  I saw one hotel employee sitting on the edge of the pool, looking down at another employee face down at the bottom of the pool...  The hotel has new owners and they are working night and day to spruce up the place.  This one fellow was adjusting something at the bottom of the pool.  They are lucky that a person dries off really quickly in the Montanita breeze.
Then, against advice of others, we tried a meal at a rock bar with amateur musicians singing in English.  We were determined to have deepfried fish'n'chips and this place definitely had a deep fryer.  For $7 we had a huge dish of battered calamari and shrimp, plus a huge beer.  They even had white vinegar!  It was different, but definitely good.
We hit the sack early because breakfast was being served at 7:30 and we basically had to be packed up and ready for lunch at 11:30 because the bus was loading at 12:15 and departing at 12:30.  In the meantime, we scoured Montanita a little more but didn't really buy anything more.  I kept looking for the hang-gliding fellow but he was nowhere to be found.  I wasn't really too keen on going up anyway because it really was a dull, cloudy morning and any photos would have been pretty flat.
I took 1 shot each of 2 homes adjacent to the hotel where the kitchens have only 3 walls, completely open to the center court where the kids play with the hens, chicks, roosters, cats, dogs, etc.  It is most unusual to see the poverty in this scene mingled with the trust involved.
The bus trip back of 7.5 hours is very hard with only 2 short stops.  A person doesn't want to drink or eat too darn much because the gas pains are horrible.  And the swollen feet are no picnic either.  But, the trip was mostly fun with a pretty good group of people.  We enjoy Montanita.
The photos again are right from the camera, changed to JPEG & resized only, so I apologize again for the quality.   I will begin work on all the photos properly tomorrow.
I hope you enjoy the photos.  That was the day's excitement,   Cheers, Al 
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A live body in the pool

This is most of the fish'n'chips meal

These were not Ecuadorians doing the entertaining

This is one of the 3-walled kitchens.

And this is the second.  Good thing the weather is warm always.

An egret in a tree

A large egret in the pond

A huge relief on a wall

Inside of the Montanita church

Love this sign in our main restaurant.  See the spelling error?

Coming through the Cajas close to dusk

Lots of fog as we went further.  This is looking back west.