Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Monday August 22, 2016 Montanita

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Monday August 22, 2016
After a very early rising, catching a cab in the rain, joining the other tour participants near the stadium, we had our 7-hour bus ride to Montanita on the coast.  I always enjoy passing the summit and starting the downhill run to sea level because the beauty above the majority of the clouds is a treasure to behold. 
Passing through Guayaquil was disappointing, garbage absolutely everywhere like they have no pride in their city.
Please bear in mind that I am dealing with a balky laptop and a cantankerous mouse when you are viewing these photos which are simply batch-edited, so nowhere near the quality of our normal offerings.  Add to this a really slow internet wi-fit it is taking me many hours to get this darn Blog to upload properly, to almost 5am.
Today we walked the beaches and shopped at the many street vendors and stores.  We are really amazed at the cheap prices for a lot of the handmade merchandise.
Montanita is world-famous as a surf destination and a party town.  It is relatively quiet during the week but they say the weekends are a zoo, and you do not get any sleep.
We had a lovely group supper (we had filet mignon) and were continually approached by vendors because we were seated near the street,  We bought a hat, earrings and each had a henna tattoo painted on us....  Hey, we are on a well-deserved holiday so we can be a little silly for a few days...
Looking forward to the trip to see the whales tomorrow....
I hope you enjoy the photos.  That was the day's excitement,   Cheers, Al 
NOTE that you may click on any photo for an ENLARGED VIEW.

Turi and Mariposa after their bath

The bus is loaded with 29 patrons

Near 13,000 feet in the Andes

Incredibly beautiful

Very high, before descending to sea level

Having a pee break once we are out of the Andes.

View from the front of our hotel to the Pacific

Cristina in the first of many pictures

It is always.."otra, otra, otra.."

Getting ready to walk the beach

Pelicans passing by

Our hotel, the Riviera Pacific

Across the pond is the most expensive hotel

Beach view to the Pacific

It really is a nice beach, complete with vendors

I thought that this was an odd scene,,,

A fly-by by an Ecuadorian drone, lol.

Dog digging for something...

The beach is really long

Yes, she loves Montanita.  Our first beach walk.

Kids and a puppy, and water.

Loved this wall art

Egret in the pond, with reflection

View from our room

Yeah, this is the pool, all 12 feet of it....

Lots of people trying to surf

Beach volleyball


My shot of the day.  Love it!

Walking on tow ropes seems to be a port here

Dusky silhouette of you-know-who

More pelicans

After our second beach walk

Really out-of-focus group shot

Getting my henna tattoo

The finished product, good for 2 weeks??

Cristina getting a similar dragon on her thigh

Pretty neat watching this artistry

Not too shabby, eh??

Roving entertainers at supper

Cristina insisted on buying this woven hat for $5

Read the names of some of these drinks, lol
New tattoo, headband and earrings...

High tide at night