Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Tuesday Sept 18, 2018 Preparation

It appears that Google is sending emails to any prior subscribers, so maybe, just maybe, they have finally solved their problems????
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Tuesday Sept 18, 2018
The "Measure twice, cut once.." saying keeps coming up between me and Carlos again and again.  He takes sloppy measurements, makes a slight change at one end but not taking into account needed changes at the other end.  I try to let him do it his way, asking questions all the time, and ultimately we end up taking hours of work apart and doing it a much simpler way,... usually my way.   But, I like the guy's affability and he does not take offense at anything.  I am just surprised that he gets away at being a house contractor with the constant mistakes and crooked work.   
Today he worked on the last welds for the awning brackets, and then wanted to weld the long roof supports to two of the brackets and test them outside, which we did only to find that he was out about 3" and we were encroaching into the neighbour's space, so we ripped them off,  He decided that it would be just as easy to screw them on the mounted brackets.  So we prepared mounting screw holes, then went outside and mounted 2 end brackets, and also screwed holes for the other 3 brackets (where we want them) then took them all down again for painting the first coat.
Cristina and I ran into good ole Movistar for the fifth time to confirm that they made the error and that we would not stand for any cancellation penalty.  Then we had to go to another place, which turned out to be right next door to the Fiscalia, to return all the old modems for TV's and internet.
We came back and I went to help Carlos where I could.
Adiela came out on her scooter for a visit as well.
Things are moving along on some fronts but nothing quick from the Fiscalia or the Notary.  I am thrilled to have Internet back but have little time to get caught up and properly upload artworks for sale.  Upload speeds are horribly slow yet.
It threatened rain all afternoon, and it got refreshingly cooler, but no rain to speak of.
I hope you enjoy the pictures.  That was the day’s excitement.
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Mounting holes are in place for the new awning

Painting the long supports

First coat on the brackets