Thursday, September 20, 2018

Thursday Sept 20, 2018 More Waiting

It appears that Google is sending emails to any prior subscribers, so maybe, just maybe, they have finally solved their problems????
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Thursday Sept 20, 2018
The excitement of going to write my first driver's exam was dissipated after 2 morning visits to the AutoVelez driving school.  They took more photos of my hand for registration, but that's all it was,.. registration for the exam which will apparently be sometime next week.  Boo hoo.  I hope it doesn't conflict with 2 doctors' appointments for Cristina next week.
I did some minor repairs to a floor fan and to the back door.  It sure is nice to have the right tools for doing such things.  I sure wish that I had the balance of my tools sitting in a suitcase in San Cristobal, waiting for Alex and Cecilia to come for a visit...  Hint, hint.
In all my walking back and forth I decided to stop in at the shop a block away where we bought the big bedroom wardrobe and dressing table.  They had a high end table with lower drawer that I thought would fit better between our recliners.  $30 and minor touch-ups to scrapes later, it works just like I want.  The old low table has become a night table on Cristina's side of the bed.
We decided to eat out today and unfortunately the folks across the street were inexplicably closed, and the next place was full, so we walked a bit further to a bakery fronting on the park and had 2 bollitos and 3 empanadas, a malt drink and a beer, which filled us up very nicely for under $4.  I am sure the beer alone would have cost us that in Canada.
The sun is unrelenting today with a clear sky and the new awning certainly is a godsend.  I need to find a reflective solution for the 2 huge skylight areas which just dump heat into the house.  My poor little 3' ceiling fan is just overwhelmed in the first skylight.
We pushed back the scheduled 4 day visit by Cristina's Mom from today until tomorrow.  We have to go with her and Adiela to a surprise birthday party in Tulua tomorrow anyway, so that made more sense.  I think 3 days with Mom will be enough for Cristina who seems to have no patience at all for her mother and her questions or comments.  Hopefully it will go well.
Frank and Rita made a nice call to my NetTalk from their lake lot in Ontario.  They must be having better weather than in Alberta where I saw it was 1C early this morning in Okotoks (It was 22C here).
We slipped out late to the cemetery as things cooled down.  We were met there by Carlos.  I added these pics later so they are out of order because Google does not make it easy to organize things as we would like.
I hope you enjoy the pictures.  That was the day’s excitement.
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Bright moon in early evening with buzzards

Looking west to the scalloped mountain ridge

No words necessary

The AutoVelez office

My new $30 table and unrepaired fan (now repaired)

2 bollitos, 3 empanadas, malt drink and a beer for under $4

This awning is a godsend