Friday, September 21, 2018

Friday Sept 21, 2018 Purchasing

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Friday Sept 21, 2018
Carlos was not coming today and our other plans for a birthday party and having Cristina's Mom here all got mysteriously cancelled, so we went into Tulua for needed groceries.
Then I decided I wanted to look at a couple of items at the dreaded HomeCenter and ended up buying a fancy CharBroil gas BBQ and a platform ladder and many other things to complete some of my plans...  The 5 burner BBQ came to the equivalent of $233 on sale so I did OK there, (I can't even find it on the and then I paid for delivery and installation.  The ladder makes into a pretzel and will hold 150 kgs, so I am OK for a while... lol.  What I like is that it can make into a makeshift work platform at a nice height, so that can save a lot of back pain.   Oh how I wish I had found a way to keep all my tools from Canada...
We stopped for another amazing lunch of pork and more, with fresh juice, Cristina even had soup, and it was 13,000 pesos,or $4.35 for both of us...  Jeepers you can't possibly cook a meal like that at home for less.
Cristina went off to meet with the previous homeowner at the Notary so hopefully they are going to get our house papers done the way they need to be, without any additional cost.  When she came back she said that we need to go again to the Registry office in Tulua next Thursday, after her morning doctor's appointment in Cali.
I hope you enjoy the pictures.  That was the day’s excitement.
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