Friday, September 28, 2018

Friday Sept 28, 2018 Good & Bad

It appears that it is working again.  THANK YOU all for your patience and support.
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Friday Sept 28, 2018
We went into Tulua pretty early and had a pretty good morning actually.  We even hit most of the green lights all morning,.. very unusual.
We stopped at the Registro and FINALLY got our finished home ownership documents.  Oh, what a relief it is...
Then I got my watch bracelet repaired for about 75c.  I am glad he didn't comment on how absolutely dirty it is.  I really meant to bring my old FixoFlex bracelet to replace it but I forgot it at home.
We went to Super Mascotas to get flea and tick pills for the dogs.  They are getting an amazing amount of both in our backyard which is very upsetting.
We tried to find some matching ceramic tile to that in the lavanderia so we can add matching "baseboards" but had no luck there.  So we went to HomeCenter and found a package there.
We went to the food court at LA14 next door and had a Subway sandwich with good lemonade.  Cristina really enjoyed that.
In the parking lot, some folks were cleaning cars to promote the sale of AutoShine, a US product that shows a ridiculous price on the spray bottle of $45 USD.  The promotion was that if we bought 2 bottles for $20 total, they would clean the outside of our car.  Part of the demonstration was cleaning a part of the car then spotting it with brake dust, then just fanning it away..!  Imagine dirt just blowing off your car!  Anyway, for $20 it is worth a try.
Little Nina continues to delight with her puppy antics and peeing and pooping everywhere.
I decided to be safe(r) and I scanned the house documents to a PDF format and saved them on the computer, and also on the memory stick that I have with my keys.  A closer inspection again has me shaking my head at what is considered professional documentation in Latin America in general....  They just have such a lackadaisical mindset.

Then the good day came to a crashing halt with the sad, sad news from a very good friend that their doctor just gave them a very short limit to their lifespan.  I can't say who, I promised not to, but the feeling of helplessness is only overcome by the ways that we can help such a person truly enjoy their remaining time.

Updated:  Carlos came in the afternoon to start work on the ceramic baseboards.  It sure didn't take him long to do that!  Then I asked him if we had enough tiles left over for the back landing.  We had 7 tiles left and he measured, and we decided on the configuration, and YES, we have just enough...  So he ran for more of that tile cement, which again took no time at all and he came back and got to work on it.   I will post the finished product tomorrow because updates with photos are a b*tch on this Google format.
I hope you enjoy the pictures.  That was the day’s excitement.
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Catholicism is not strong in Colombia

Cristina calls the "The Old Man's Park"

Finally!  We own the house officially

My name is correct on the actual papers

Carlos took very little time doing this

Enough left over for the back landing.. Yeah!