Sunday, September 30, 2018

Saturday Sept 29, 2018 -2- Horses

It appears that it is working again.  THANK YOU all for your patience and support.
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Saturday Sept 29, 2018 - Update

Whenever I do an early-day Blog, as I did yesterday, something  inevitably happens in the evening worthy of a few pictures, and comment, etc.  That definitely happened Saturday evening.
After eating some creature-comfort food of peanut butter and grape jelly, then
Corn on the cob, it got noisy in the street.  There was a siren going on in the street, and it was not going away.  I looked out and saw police motorcycles leading a firetruck (and we say that recently) so we figured we were going to have another short parade.  We were only partly right...
After the cops and the firetruck can a car jammed with speakers and blaring music so loud that my doors and windows were rattling and I was not happy at the unnecessary loudness, especially the bass.
But then began a horse parade, with easily 100 riders and horses, all using this distinctive high-stepping gait, and on the concrete this sounded just like castanets.  The horses looked Arabian and all were in beautiful shape.  Last week we had seen one such horse being trained in our neighbourhood, but to see about 100 of them was just incredible.
After watching a bit and realizing that there were a lot more coming I went and grabbed the Lumix and first put it on Movie-mode because it does 4G video, whatever that is.  It ran for 6:05 then it quit, saying my memory card couldn't handle something or other, even though it is a 32Gb card, so I wasn't sure if I would get anything out of my efforts...  So I took a few snaps as well.
I put the card in the computer and it showed that I had an MP4 of 3.76Gb, and it did play so I decided to put it up on YouTube.  Little did I know the fun I would have doing that... NOT!  It took me 14 hours, overnight to get the darn thing uploaded, some of that time was my fault, but the slowness was all YouTube.  Even Sunday morning, when I finally got it uploaded it said there were errors and it didn't want to "publish" despite clicking the button many, many times.  After trying many different things, and walking the dogs to kill some of the wait, I finally found one edition that actually did publish, even though I had to go back in and edit all the details.  All's well that ends well and I am so happy to present to you this amazing footage.  Some of it is whited out a bit by the reflected sunlight but most of the video is pretty good for a spur-of-he-moment effort.
I hope you enjoy the video and the pictures.  That was the day’s excitement.
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