Sunday, September 23, 2018

Sunday Sept 23, 2018 Adoptions

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Sunday Sept 23, 2018
The day started with a quick trip to the cemetery and a new bouquet of flowers for Christian’s grave as well as his great-grandmother’s.
Cristina had advertised on Facebook just yesterday about Nino being up for adoption and referring them to Adiela for information.  They got bites right away so we had to get Nino all ready and take him to his new owners.  We not only supply a sterilized dog with shots but also with leash, toys, bed, food, and clothes.  Someone sure gets a good deal.  Nino seemed so subdued, like he knew something was going on, and it broke my heart to leave him.
Our niece Natalia came back with us with her nice, very tall boyfriend Agostino.  While we were here at home her ½ sister Lina dropped in too so they got a chance to talk and laugh a bit.
There was another tiny girl puppy that someone has turned out in the street so we are fostering it today.  I fall in love with these puppies even though they bark too much, try to chew on everything, and pee everywhere.  They are just too helpless and full of love.  This new baby is no exception, cute as a button and, of course, Cristina has temporarily named it “Nina” (baby girl).  right now Nina is tucked under my shirt. trying to stop shivering from her bath.
And it poured for ½ giving us more very welcome relief from the heat, and a needed wash for the car and the awning.
We took Natalia and Agostino to LA14 and fed them supper, and we also brought along Nina, who ate everything, and I mean everything (except plantain) like a condemned person with their last meal.  Then she peed on the dash of the car on the way back and peed in the house as soon as we arrived.  This one is really young so we have to expect these accidents.  Tomorrow we will start the process to get her adopted ASAP.
I hope you enjoy the pictures.  That was the day’s excitement.
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Nice large bouquet $2

You know...  I love this view

Gonna miss this little guy

Nino knew that something was happening

He has new nice parents now

Natalia & Lina

With Agostino

Nina being prepared for a bath

This looks like a mini-Turi