Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Wednesday February 1, 2017 Safety

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Wednesday February 1, 2017

Last night, while walking the dogs, a small grey car with about 3 youngsters in it sped by on our little street at about 60mph and I immediately hollered at it because there are children and pets on our quiet street.  Then it did not stop at the last turn but continued and braked at the park at the end.  The driver seemed to be confused.  Just then, a large man came running down the street after them.  Realizing it was going to be cornered, the car drove up into the park and escaped out of my sight.  Obviously some sort of theft was involved, a first in our neighbourhood in the 5 years I have been here.  I hope the little buggers got caught.
Before retiring for the night I applied my hand-held massage machine to my lower back and shoulders and arms.  This morning I felt so much better when walking the girls, like my right side wasn’t lagging behind the left.  Let’s hope that full recovery isn’t far behind.
I headed to El Centro to the sign shop for the sign I wanted, which was to have been ready by 5pm yesterday.  Naturally the guy had not even started on it because he says he had no reflective yellow like I wanted.  So I decided on reflective white to match the license and he said it would be ready in ½ hour.
So, I retraced our steps from yesterday, armed with the address of 6-75 Benigno Malo for a T-Rex Burger.  The big door was only open a foot at the bottom and pounding did not raise anyone, so I went further down to a video store.  I wasted some time buying 8 more action movies for $10.  I think that raises my collection to 858 movies.
So, back to 6-75 I went and pounded again, calling out as well this time.   The big door rose a bit and an East Indian fellow told me that a Hindu restaurant would be open here in a week, and no, he had no information on the prior tenant.  
I sent a quick note to Cesar asking for an explanation and he corrected me that the address is 6-57.....  So I must have walked past it to go to the video store, for the fifth and sixth time, and still missed it.....  Sheesh.
Back to the sign shop and the fellow is blow-drying the sign which I thought was supposed to be embossed like a license plate, but no, it is decaled on metal.  What did I expect for $6.  I even had him make attachment holes for the screws.
Next was the umpteenth trip to see if my favourite helmet was ready.  Of course the paint is still too fresh so we gave him until Friday to have it perfect…
I made a quick stop at the local Ferreteria (hardware store) to get 5- 1⅜ in. bolts, 10 washers, 5 lock-washers and 5 nuts.  Once home I dug out my tools and completed the installation of the sign.
The sign reads “La vida tiene mas valor que 2 segundos”, which means “(My) life is worth more than (saving) 2 seconds”.  If it causes a few drivers to think twice about passing unsafely (a regular occurrence), it is easily worth the investment.
I hope you enjoy the photos.  That was the day's excitement.   Cheers, Al 

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My beautiful sign

Another for good measure

Our final result....