Friday, February 10, 2017

Friday February 10, 2017 Parrots

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Friday February 10, 2017
While walking the dogs around noon I heard a commotion of birds and looked up to find that this was the gaggle of parrots that sometime cruise our neighbourhood.  This time a couple of them stopped in a tree in front so I hurriedly got the dogs in the house and grabbed the new Lumix.  By this time I could only see one parrot in the vicinity but he didn't seem to mind posing for me.
Then I decided to check out a new helmet because several of the Herederos keep hammering at me that a good helmet is worth the investment.  One of the Herederos named Cristina Benanaula, who is a motocross enthusiast, had a yellow helmet that I really liked so she told me to check out a bike shop on Gonzalez Suarez, one block east of Huayna Capac.  So I went there only to realize that this is her family's business and her brother is a motocross champion.  Their store is really impressive by Ecuadorian standards and I tried on a couple of helmets.  One for $90 was all I needed in a helmet but it felt really uncomfortable around the ears.  They had one like Cristina's, but in a 2017 model, and in a dull grey colour.  The helmet does not feel heavy,  and I can see laterally and forward easily.  It is well padded, ventilated and has both the clear full visor, but also the drop-down sunshield.  The other great feature of this $190 helmet is that the chin-guard portion is removable for easier visibility.  I kept himming and hawwing about the grey colour because it just does not fit my Buzzer colour scheme.  I could have paid to have it fully decalled but I didn't need tat extra expense right now.  Finally I just ordered a yellow one but will have to wait about 2 months for it to arrive.
Spanish teacher Teo and I had agreed to go to the hotsprings at Banos this afternoon even though the skies were threatening.  A southeast wind seemed to keep any rain concentrated to the north so we never felt more than a few drops.  We took Buzzer to Banos and made a quick stop to pick up my new bike pants to match the Herederos jacket.  I also picked up Gustavo's pants while I was there.
We decided to again go to the Hosteria Duran because school is out and I was certain that the cheaper hotsprings spa would be packed with screaming kids.  It was a good decision because there were very few people and we took our time to enjoy the hotpool and the steam room.  It was a little on the cool side with the threatening clouds and thunder but hardly noticeable when you are in the pool.  I felt a lot better upon exiting today.
We made our way back and stopped at the Chilean Empanada place on 24 de Mayo east of the Universidad de Azuay and the $1 hamburger stand.  These empanadas are huge and tasty for $1.50 and I am told that they sell about 1,000 per day which made me wonder why they were not supplying required Facturas with the IVA tax showing...  I ordered an extra beef empanada to bring home to Cristina.
Cristina finally opened the window to her makeshift aviary but her houseguest thinks it is too safe and hospitable, so she refuses to leave....  What do we do now? 
Photos taken with the new Lumix ZS60. 
I hope you enjoy the photos.  That was the day's excitement.   Cheers, Al 

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These noisy parrots cruise our barrio once in a while

This guy chose a fruit tree in front of our house

I doubt the wild ones speak any languages, lol

Then he gives me the once over

Still checking me out

I could swear that he wants to talk to me

It looks like he is smiling at me....

Threatening rain clouds as we leave Teo's place

Not many people braving the cooler afternoon at Hosteria Duran

The Pepsi bottle gives perspective to the size of the empanada

The new fashion for the Herederos

Our new safety riding pants