Saturday, February 11, 2017

Saturday February 11, 2017 Finca

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Saturday February 11, 2017
This morning, I met Teo very early at his home and we walked up to the Autopista to await the bus going to Loja.   Our destination was not quite that far, but a finca (farm) near the town of La Paz, between Nabon and Ona, ... about a 75 minute ride, plus a 1 kilometer walk.
Teo, along with his brother and sister own a 4 hectare farm about 2,300 feet up in the Andes.  I had no idea of the size of a hectare, which is 1,000 square meters, so 4 hectares is very sizeable.  The ground is very fertile here and Teo has big plans that I am going to assist with.
Firstly he is getting permits to get seeds and seedlings for special plants from Colombia which are fast-growing, and yield a crop of very high protein food that needs no supplements as a cattle feed.  So the sale of this crop, which turns around very rapidly, is a great source of revenue on its own.  Then he will import specialty cattle from Colombia as well and essentially will have a small feedlot operation and sell some of the highest quality beef available.
There was lots of cloud blowing through the valley this morning but it was so very pleasant to be in the quiet tranquility of the country. 
I hope you enjoy the photos.  That was the day's excitement.   Cheers, Al 

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Lovely view of Cuenca from the Autopista

The clouds are making strange formations

The bus to Loja is the one we had to catch

The neighbouring farm that supplies the water

It is really foggy at this point

Another neighbour working on irrigation on his farm

I fell in love with this old adobe house

My shot of the day...  Love it!

We cut across this neighbour's yard

This is the family finca, bought from the grandparents

This is the top end of the property

The finca is way bigger than I imagined

It extends all the way to the far treeline

There is a small covered shed that needs refurbishing

Far away is what seems to be Inca terraces on a mountaintop

The beauty of nature at work

More views on the walk back to the bus, uphill, one km.

Then it clears up for a bit..

Magnificent green valleys

A gathering of horses, bikes, etc near Tarqui

The gorgeous valley near Tarqui