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Friday February 3, 2017 Helmets

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Friday February 3, 2017
Finally!  I managed to pick up the last, and my favourite, helmet repainted bright yellow to match my scooter Buzzer.  After the application of a few decals, the saga of the helmets is finally over.  I'll bet you are breathing a sigh of relief as well.
Then I had Spanish class as well with the awesome Teo.  This man is so intelligent and patient that it is so easy to learn properly from him.  Instituto Cuenca is highly recommended.  I am so impressed with this man that we are discussing a possible business venture together.  This is kind of exciting...
The other main news here is the newest Government scandal involving the current, and proposed future, Vice President, Jorge Glas.  A former Government minister (in hiding and wanted for corruption) has implicated Glas as having full knowledge of bribes and in fact directing where they went.  
This is good news for us Perjudicados de Coopera who have known all along of the corruption and arrogance in this present Government.  Of course, President Correa, who has not yet been implicated personally, .... drat, calls it a plot by his enemies, the same old refrain he has used since he has been in power.  
If we could find just ONE honest Constitutional judge, the whole darn works would be behind bars for their abuse of the Constitution alone.  And half of the laws this corrupt group have passed would be null and void.  The reparations that might have to be paid could go back decades...  This is scary stuff folks....
Let's hope that anyone here that is eligible to vote will back the Lasso-Paez ticket so we can root out this corruption.
Update -  I walked the dogs as usual at 5am and was amazed at how well I felt, considering I hardly slept all night.  So I had a short nap on the loveseat when I got home and when I woke up that brief relief that I felt was gone.  At least I know it is possible to keep improving so we will keep at it.
I hope you enjoy the photos.  That was the day's excitement.   Cheers, Al 

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This saga is finally over

My favourite helmet

I can hear and see easier with this model

This helmet saved my head in the accident

Glad to be back riding again