Thursday, February 23, 2017

Thursday February 23, 2017 Carnaval

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Thursday February 23, 2017
Wednesday, rain, rain and more rain, but the evening wasn’t bad for walking the dogs. I wasn’t really watching at the hard downpour times but the new roof drain pipe seems to be working well. I will monitor it during a heavy downpour to see if it needs the deflector “T” or not.
Mother Goose is busy at work with her two babies after the larger one finally flew the coop. Maybe I can get back in the bedroom to re-arrange the living quarters due to the purchase of that king-sized bed. Cristina made a couple of videos on her phone of the two hungry baby birds and I was able to take them from Whatsapp, send them to my email, process, splice and straighten them in YouTube, and here is the result:

Today I had Spanish class and then headed downtown to find an oversized hip carrier which hopefully will hold my new Motorola phone whenever it arrives. I finally found a leather one for $20 with a magnetic clasp which I have since augmented with a little Velcro for security.
Then I tried to check out some headphones for the phone because nothing I have at home wants to work properly.  I tried both wired and Bluetooth but the microphone quality was lacking. The headphones worked adequately but they are of no use to me if the other person can’t understand me.  I had a single-ear Bluetooth unit at home that I tried and it worked just fine.
Then I met with the roving Claro rep, Giovanny, and I received my new Claro chip and signed up for their $20 plan which gives me unlimited calls within the country, unlimited Whatsapp (because the Herederos do at least 30 messages per day) and good FaceBook access which I may not use.   My internet usage outside my wi-fi zone will be limited at best.  I am hardly proficient with smartphones but I will get up to speed quickly enough.
We had a smattering of sprinkles this afternoon but tonight I went to join the Herederos for their night ride, which unfortunately was to El Centro to join in on the “Noche de Caballeros” or some such thing, but it is anything but a “Night of Gentlemen”… It is the first night of Carnaval, so that means get prepared for wall-to-wall people, getting bumped a lot, and to get soaked with foam.  I had bought a large can of foam and promptly broke the spray mechanism. But Isabel could make it work so I just gave it to her.  Sorry that I am not a fan of Carnaval and having strangers shoot me in the eyes and mouth with this stinky stuff.   And, to top it off, some thief stole my ‘new’ phone out of a stiff velcro pocket of my new pants.  This is why I normally avoid large crowds and am very careful not to get bumped.  With crowds like this, it is impossible, and it is a pickpockets dream.  Of course, that really took the shine off the evening so I just made my goodbyes and left.   This is the second time that I have been nailed by pickpockets.......
My new Claro plan kicks in at midnight so the new owner won’t get much use of the phone other than selling it.  Tomorrow I will go to Claro and shut off everything that I can.  And then I may need to buy another temporary phone….. Ugh.   I HATE thieves.
I was going to go to another crowded biker event on Saturday. Now I just may give that one a pass.........
I hope you enjoy the photos. That was the day's excitement. Cheers, Al

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A rainy Wednesday

The new drain pipe is delivering the water where it should

A much better morning Thursday

Bright flowers near Spanish class

Gotta love Cuenca skies - looking east

A little unsettled cloud to the north

Gorgeous clouds to the west too

South is really impressive

Love this unusual colour of hibiscus

Afternoon sprinkles coming in El Centro

A portion of the Herederos this night

Todos Santos (All Saints)

Trying some time shots without a tripod - tricky

Would be a tad better with a tripod for sure

Love the lighting at the Escalinata bridge

A relatively small crowd tonight

Let the spraying begin

Going towards Parque Calderon, by the flower market

I, and my camera, are about to get hit...  I am NOT happy

Nobody can escape getting foamed

It is no fun getting it in the eyes or mouth

Thousands of people around the park

Wall to wall people

Strangers spray strangers

Our group gets blasted too

Some of these cans can spay a long distance

Trying to get a partial group shot

Some guys just enjoy this a little toooo  much

Foam out...

Most people are good sports about it

Everybody has a can ($1 each or more)

Everybody is gonna need a shower later

They even throw confetti