Thursday, February 2, 2017

Thursday February 2, 2017 King for a while

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Thursday February 2, 2017
This morning, my buddy Oswaldo, who worked in Canada for 18 years, came to our house so we could help him call the Canada Pension people to see why his pension payments are not arriving in his bank account.  Since I have a NetTalk phone, I can call in on the regular number, not the slow 800 number, and we get answered right away.  It turns out that CPP mailed him the year-end tax form and it was returned "undelivered" because he had closed his mail box here, so they stop payments in case the recipient has died....  And he, like me, doesn't have a recognizeable address to deliver to....  So he spoke to his sister and we gave her address to the CPP and his paments will be unsuspended.
I was feeling especially regal today so I purchased a king-sized bed from a couple returning to Canada.  I arranged for 2 movers and a truck to meet me at their west end condo and was pleasantly surprised when they beat me there by 10 minutes!  The large base would not fit in the elevator so they had to carry that part down 6 flights.  Then, of course, everything had to come up 3 flights at this end.  Marked walls and broken lightbulbs marked the path for these huge items but everything was done within 2 hours.   After sleeping in a double bed for 5 years, this is like sleeping on a football field!  This is my first king-size bed and I am going to enjoy it...   There isn't much outside space for our other things, but we will manage.
I was, of course, planning to go out with the Herederos riders tonight but the heavens opened about 6:50 and the sky is completely grey and the rain continues unabated. 
I hope you enjoy the photos.  That was the day's excitement.   Cheers, Al 

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Not much extra space in our small bedroom

Princesa has to check out everything first