Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Wednesday February 15, 2017 Cementario

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Wednesday February 15, 2017
Tuesday was another odd day, but it was Valentine’s day, so I got Cristina some flowers.
So the first order of business was to get more poop recovery bags for the dogs, $2 for 400. Cristina also had me pick up more special grain to feed the bird which has still not flown the coop. I asked her to have it out be next week to we can finally arrange the two second-floor bedrooms properly.
Then I rode Buzzer to the SRI office, was fourth in line and got through that quicker than expected.
Next, I headed to El Centro around 10:15 for an 11:30 meeting to return the stolen phone. In the interim I went to the main office of Movistar to discuss using the phone with them on a plan. They confirmed that the phone is registered on Claro’s system as stolen and confirmed I could never go through Claro with that phone. However they could “change the numbers and I could buy a plan with Movistar… So I asked him to tell me what they had to compare with Claro’s $20 plan. They have no brochures and he couldn’t be bothered to show me their plans online either… He listed off a few unimpressive things and couldn’t explain to me what a Mega is. The lousy service certainly made my decision to get rid of the hot phone anyway.
So I waited at the appointed place and time to return the phone for ½ hour before gratefully departing the horrible traffic in El Centro. I tried to talk to a fellow that speaks English at the Movistar office next to Gran Aki but he wasn’t around and nobody else spoke any English.
Once home I checked the messages on Facebook and my phone gal was going to be an hour late.. So I called her and the swap is arranged with a third party we know tomorrow.
Then we went grocery shopping at Coral and endured very long line-ups because they had very few tills open.
Joes’ Secret Garden has moved Saturday’s BBQ offering to next Saturday the 25th. This is because of the election rule of no liquor sales for 36 hours prior to the Sunday election (and 24 hours following). They take their politics really seriously down here.

Thursday morning I had to go swap the stolen phone for my cash back, no problem. Then, a couple of blocks further, I picked up the last comforter and large pillow from the Canadians that I purchased the king bed from. They are leaving for Canada very quickly.
I rode by the main cemetery (called the Cementario here, the "n" is not a misspelling) and stopped with the Lumix to share the wonderful murals of important people recently painted on the walls,… before the graffiti idiots get at them. I am now kicking myself that I didn’t do individual shots but I am hampered by parked vehicles and traffic. This is another project for another day.
I made it to Spanish class and I thank Teo for his patience with my faulty memory. This old brain wants to talk pidgeon Spanish my way. A threatening thunderstorm (which fizzled) made me rush home, walk the dogs and hit the sack. I am just exhausted from all the drama.
I hope you enjoy the photos. That was the day's excitement. Cheers, Al

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Cementario new murals

We hope the graffiti idiots leave them alone

This is a very long north wall  of the the cemetery

The artistry is amazing

Hard to take decent pictures with traffic and parked vehicles

I sure wish that I had this talent

This is stitched from the next 3 pictures in Image Composite Editor

Cemetery - looking southeast

Cemetery - looking south

Cemetery - looking southwest

This was done with the Lumix' own panorama feature

The storm brewing behind us was even worse...