Monday, February 6, 2017

Monday February 6, 2017 Dialogue

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Monday February 6, 2017
We decided on Sunday to make a quick run to Coral for a few groceries, plus I wanted a new plush pillow for the King bed, and long screws to secure the frame together.  Even a large heavy frame like this can move quite a distance when we decide to get frisky, wink, wink...
Someone also told us that the Super Bowl was starting at 4pm so I was quite pee'd off to have to endure another 2.5 hours until kickoff.  But it was worth the wait, and I can now say that I saw one of the greatest games ever, with one of the greatest quarterbacks ever engineer the greatest comeback ever!  What a fabulous game, and hats off to Tom Brady for his professionalism and poise.  He was an awesome example of grace under pressure.
Unfortunately the complete Ecuadorian Presidential debate/dialogue started at 8pm.  They called it a dialogue because the 8 candidates did not debate, but merely answered selected questions from journalists.  See the story at
I watched during 1/2 time then flipped back and forth to catch most of it.  My personal take on the proceedings was 7 angry men, who never smiled, showing a lot of bluster, ... and a pretty intelligent smiling woman who no doubt won over a lot of votes this night, especially from the female population....  The "incumbent", Lenin Moreno, was mostly on the defensive because of the corruption allegations against his vice-presidential running mate, Jorge Glas, and Correa's government.  No doubt that tandem has dropped heavily in the polls.  The leading candidate, Guillermo Lasso, is surely ahead in the polls now and was making many good points in the showdown.  His only competition should really be the lovely and intelligent Cynthia Viteri.  We can only hope to vote out the entire corrupt crew now sitting in the Assembly, and have a new crew sweep the whole bunch with the horribly corrupt judiciary into jail.

Today I made it to Spanish class and had a lively political discussion with Teo.  Then I took a small walk in the neighbourhood to take a few photos with Cristina's 12MP Lumix DMC-FP1.  I am amazed at how crisp some of the photos are.  This thing is so nice and light to just throw in my fanny pack...
I hope you enjoy the photos.  That was the day's excitement.   Cheers, Al 

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This is one of our sorry winter views....

Several hibiscus bushes on our street

My hummers love them

Our barrio of the Bosque de Monay

Threatening skies over Monay will rain on the Cajas to the West

The riverbank is very lush right now

2 other rivers have joined into the Tomebamba by now

The flow at the moment is pretty normal coming from the West

And it will flow East to join the Amazon

Our Bosque de Monay barrio