Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Tuesday January 31, 2017 Helmets

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Tuesday January 31, 2017
Sunday, we were going to go back and ride Buzzer on the same road where I had the accident, but not as far.  Jeff and friends found a country house that they are considering renting, and we were going to ride there.  Ominously, the weather was cold and dreary, the same as Nov 30.  Then we got an early morning email that LT was to pooped to ride but, not being a quitter, I arranged to meet Jeff.  However, providence kicked in and, sorry for Jeff, his moto just would not start.  Secretly I breathed a sigh of relief and trotted back home.  It really was not a nice day for a ride.
Monday was another backsliding day where I was feeling especially numb and weak.  Other than walking the dogs 4 times, I did not venture outside.   2 of our 3 gas tanks decided to be empty at the same time so we were forced to choose between hot water and cooking.  And, usually we hear the gas trucks beeping their way around the neighborhood several times per day but, of course, …. not this day.

Today I caught the first gas truck in the morning, thank God.
We didn’t much planned today except to go get the two helmets left for painting.  But first I decided to take Cristina downtown for lunch at T-Rex Burgers, run by old buddy Cesar Mejia, but either we are blind, or it wasn’t open.  It is at 6-57 Benigno Malo & Presidente Cordova and we walked that stretch 3 times.  We have heard that the burgers and hotdogs are great so we wanted to check it out.  Anyway, another place got our business today.
While walking, I looked back and did a double-take...  There were our friends Dick and Pauline B. from New Brunswick!!  They were being accompanied by their/our buddies Ed and Lynne!  Talk about happenstance and small worlds... 
I also went to a little sign-maker on Sucre to get a sign made for Buzzer.  More on that later, when it is finished.
We made it home, had an obligatory nap and then went to see the fellow about my helmets.  As usual, only one of the two was ready, and naturally it is my favourite that was just too fresh to take today.  He said It could be ready tomorrow but I almost always double the time given by Ecuadorians and, even then, I am too early half the time.  Oh well, #3 is done and decalled...
All photos taken with the Lumix (which I finally was able to reset to operate the flash as I want....).
I hope you enjoy the photos.  That was the day's excitement.   Cheers, Al 

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Immaculate Conception, picturesque as always

Some offering at the Flower market

The Flower market is #1 in the world

A new band on the side of the cathedral

3 helmets ready to go

Partially decalled with the BUZZER theme

They should see us coming for sure now....