Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Tuesday February 28, 2017 Changes

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Tuesday February 28, 2017
Goodbye February.  Two weeks ago I bought my wife a small bouquet from a seller in a tent for Valentine's.  If anything, the bouquet is better today than then because the rose is starting to open more.  Flowers are so cheap here and they last forever.
This morning our empty fridge and larder told us to get going to the grocery store.  We get to Coral only to find it closed, just like almost everything else in town.  We thought that they only closed on New Year's day??!!  Today is Fat Tuesday (Mardis Gras) and the place is a ghost town, the last day of Carnaval.  Most of the locals hide in the country or go to the beach.  Even the buses were not running today..
So we found a corner grocery (tienda) and bought some dog food for our starving puppies.
I wanted to treat my wife to lunch so we circled the neighbourhood and found ONE place open for lunch.  I ordered the Chaulafan (fried rice and shrimp), while Cristina ordered a soup and a Beef dish, plus a Sprite.  Chaulafan is usually higher priced here but I was flabbergasted when the bill was over $14...!! They charged $5 for the bowl of soup for gosh sakes.  I couldn't believe it...  We could get Cristina's soup, meal, drink with popcorn and dessert usually for $2.75.....  I won't be darkening their door ever again...
Then Cristina decided today was the day to reorganize the two second-floor bedrooms.  The big bird is gone, and the 2 baby birds are compact, although one is now taking flight in the room.  So I tackled the dismantling and re-building of the one single bed in the other room, with the timely help of the 3 dogs.  Then we put the double bed back together in the left bedroom.  I guess I will have to break down and buy a headboard for it as I am using the old headboard for the king bed upstairs.  Things are getting cramped in the house as we (I) keep collecting stuff and don't throw anything away.
We had a real heavy rain a wile ago and I remembered to watch the new drain pipe do its thing, and it is handling the job just fine, and the eavestrough below is large enough to handle the flow too.   Not to worry.
Yesterday's photos, and today's were with my new Lumix.  I am really quite pleased with those outdoors from yesterday and not very pleased with the indoor results today.  But then, I just realized that I forgot to put the flash back on, so Operator Error is to blame for that.
I hope you enjoy the photos. That was the day's excitement. Cheers, Al

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Our little bouquet is flourishing.

I had to bring 1/2 of the Chaulafan home....

The double bed looks bare without a headboard

Princesa is always eager to help

Mariposa gets out of the way OK

The two singles are set up

My new drain pipe is handling the flow easily