Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Tuesday February 7, 2017 Art

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Tuesday February 7, 2017
I am getting kinda tired of the up-and-down nature of my recovery.  I wish it would be just a steady improvement instead of this see-saw attitude.  Now they are recommending that I go swimming...  We'll see.
I took Buzzer in for an early oil change and check-up.  It only has 220 kms on it and I just wanted to make sure that everything is OK.  There was a lot of political flag-waving on Huayna Capac to disrupt traffic.
Then we napped before Cristina's appointment with an IESS doctor about her chronic headaches.  Her appointment with a very intelligent doctor outside the system yesterday yielded some very interesting observations.  The doctor today is taking another tack and Cristina has to return in the morning.
 The building the IESS doctor is in is a brand-new building designed to house local artisans and some wares are finally on display.  It was easy for me to spot the very distinctive art of the amazing Miguel Illescas.  There is some beautiful stuff to see at the corner of Bolivar and Huayna Capac.
Then I went back to get Buzzer and was upset that they were giving me back a dirty bike with grease marks on my seat.  I was not impressed.  Usually the mechanic Pancho is very good.  Then I drove away a few blocks and looked down at my gas gauge and saw red....  I had gone to the dealership with 80% of a tank of gas and it was now showing 20% !!!  This happened last time too but I didn't say anything because I knew they would be running the bike to charge it up that time.  This time they couldn't possibly have used that much gas (the odometer only moved about 4 kms for the testing) so I roared back to accuse them of siphoning gas, which is very common at garages here.  With straight faces they denied taking the gas and offered me $1.  I just drove away, madder than a wet hen, and gassed up on the way home.  You can bet that I will be keeping very careful track of everything from now on when I have to use them again!
I hope you enjoy the photos.  That was the day's excitement.   Cheers, Al 
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Lots of flag-waving for the Govt. candidate on Huayna Capac

Part of the L-shaped artisan center, with San Blas in back

Taken through a window because they were closed for lunch

Miguel Illescas art is very distinctive

I love these life-like statues

I wish I had room for more of these

A disgruntled Muppet??

And his brother Beelzebub

Gorgeous mask

Love these dolls too

The lovely San Blas church