Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Wednesday January 18, 2017 Buzzer

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Wednesday January 18, 2017
We are still getting up really early and I am slowly trying to take turns walking the dogs alone.  They tug at me in every direction which is hard on my shoulders and I tire easily.  It will get better.  I can feel  the miniscule changes every day.
I was kinda hoping that the recliner repairman had got my message and would show up up at 9am.  However he did call at 11:15 to say that he was out of town but would be here tomorrow morning.
I finished my computer chores and headed to Spanish class, was 3 blocks away and I get a phone call that Teo had some problems, and could I come tomorrow noon...  Ok.
Next I go to the bike mechanic who was to have two of my helmets painted bright yellow by today.  He wasn't there but a peek in the office window showed that my helmets were still the same old colours.  The staff said to come back Friday, so back home I went.
Cristina wanted to go window shopping so I figured that I had better try to rescue the day.  I checked some bee graphics that I had downloaded from the Internet, selected one, and removed the background, then saved it in different formats on a memory stick.
Then I tried to find the graphics and banner place that was on Paseo de Los Canaris but it obviously has changed locations.  There are no Yellow Pages to look up these things so I started towards El Centro and decided to seek the advice of the Chevy dealer.  The partsman was very helpful and gave me the location of two possible decal/sticker makers, with hand-drawn maps.
The first was a place called Elabstudio, one block south of the 9-11 office.  I caught them just as they were closing for lunch, confirmed they could do the work, and they told me to return after 3.
I headed to the next place, a motorcycle sales place on Remigio Crespo just west of the BMX track.  They sold some stickers but did not manufacture them.
So,... what to do??   I didn't want to go home so I decided that I could kill some time having fish'n'chips at Crossroads, not far from the Estadio on Luis Moreno Mora.  They are certainly the best fish'n'chips in town for $5.49, and they actually have white vinegar!!  Don't bet on fast service though, because it definitely helped me kill an hour.
At 3pm I was back at Elabstudio and cooled my heels until they showed up past 3:15.  I showed them my graphics, and roughly what I wanted, and asked the cost.  They said $10 and brought the bike inside.
First, I want to thank Patti M for suggesting the bumblebee theme.  It works for me!
I wanted to put the name BUZZER on both sides of the bike and had the brainstorm right there to just cover the Fatty name.  Neither the bike, nor I, are fat any more.
The fellow carefully measured to get the right size lettering then made about 4 (2 left, 2 right) bees in 3 different sizes.  We ended up putting the bees in different spots than the tubing as I had originally envisioned.  I like the result,... understated, and not gaudy.  I think I saw some document manipulation going on too, but don't tell anybody...
So, BUZZER is now official...   Oh, and I paid them $15 for such a great job.
I hope you enjoy the photos.  That was the day's excitement.   Cheers, Al 

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Great place for fish'n'chips

Nice cozy spot and the owner speaks a few languages

Here's the English menu

3 pieces of fish and lots of chips for $5.49

A bunch of young guys run this graphics shop.

This is Buzzer, pre-transformation

The new name is on the left side

The new name is on the right side

Buzzing bees on the right

Buzzing bees on the left

Left front for another Buzzer

Right front for another Buzzer

And 2 on the luggage case for good measure

The new Buzzer and the old reliable Toxic

Have I said how much I love this bike??