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Tuesday January 24, 2017 Politics

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Tuesday January 24, 2017
Monday I was feeling weaker, and dizzy, with no energy, so I hope that I am not backsliding?  Doubling up on my vitamins seemed to help.  It's a good thing I am not in prison because Drop the Soap seems to be my favourite game in the shower..
The Ecuadorian neighbour, Alejandro, stopped by again to look at Toxic and we agreed to price to include the chain and lock.  He seemed almost more interested in the chain than anything.  I am pretty sure that he said he would be by in the morning to complete the purchase.

Tuesday, I am still weak, but too much to do today, so I have to fight through it.  I am back to walking the dogs almost exclusively and it is very hard on the arms and shoulders.   Three Ecuadorian men were to stop by this AM but only the recliner man came, and he was not much help overall.  He broke more than he fixed, then couldn’t find parts, so we decided to have the big couch working and forget about the loveseat.  However we did have him clear the blocked gutter for the lavanderia roof.
There was another political meeting for the combined disaffected groups called for 7pm at the Villa Paraiso and I had been told that it was to have a town hall meeting with the Azuay Prefect, Paul Carrasco, who is a vocal opponent of President Correa and his government.
I arrived to find 2 other guys waiting outside and it was 7:20 before we got inside.  It was windy and cool so I was thankful to get under cover.  Then I am told that Carrasco is not coming tonight...
The early part of the evening was taken by having 3 Stooges try to attach a big banner to the front of this beautiful house...  I cringed as they drilled holes in the wall for this silly adventure, then they didn't have the proper anchors or screws to complete the job.  I hate to say it, but it is very typical of the depth of thinking in this country.
When we got back inside I sat on the periphery because I really don't understand most of what they say, as the 18-19 people discussed their politics and strategies, which seemed to include the purchase of t-shirts.  At 9:30 I had had enough and quietly left.  I know the norm here is to go say goodbye to every person, but I didn't want to break the flow of their discussion.
I hope you enjoy the photos.  That was the day's excitement.   Cheers, Al 

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A small round-table discussion at first

Unfurling the big banner is a photo-op

This one was taken with a flash

OK, who ya gonna vote for?

This started out as a statue on a fireplace

Hey, I had to play with this one..

The 3 stooges at work

Now, into the serious discussions

The election is only 3-4 weeks away

Many different groups have their input

Everybody has a cel phone