Sunday, January 22, 2017

Sunday January 22, 2017 Politics

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Sunday January 22, 2017
Curiosity and boredom sometimes put me in the strangest places.  Last night I had an invitation to join with political lobby folks from Coopera for a trip to Cumbe, south of Cuenca.  I begged off because I was feeling too weak to ride out there.  Then during my fitful overnight sleep I decided to go, if I could catch a ride.
The ride I expected to get did not have their vehicle for the day so we caught a ride over to a gathering place on Loja (a funeral home, of all places).  Then we caught a different ride to Cumbe.
It was a rainy, cloudy, drizzly day when we arrived in Cumbe and parking was at a premium.  The first order of business was to buy a couple of umbrellas, and there are always guys selling umbrellas in the parks on rainy days.
I have no idea what kind of festival was going on, but there were a lot of people in attendance.  In the central square, a bunch of performers would make a few circuits, take a break, then do some more.  They had a two-man cow with fireworks that everything seemed to revolve around, even Donald Trump!  The talking and music on stage droned on and on.  
Our group was there to hand out leaflets and put up banners.  I was not much use, occasionally holding a stack of banners until someone took pity on me.
Hunger pangs in late afternoon had me hunting around the many, many food kiosks and sampling empanadas, french fries and fruit salad.  After 2 hours of wandering around in the rain we were glad to begin the trek back.
Then for the way home, we caught yet a different ride...  I honestly don't know how somebody doesn't get left behind..
I hope you enjoy the photos.  That was the day's excitement.   Cheers, Al 

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Leading a caravan of vehicles to Cumbe, in the rain

Getting set up with all the banners and supplies

The central square is hopping

A long row of people dance around the center

The performers dominate the whole center

Bands and singers

President Donald Trump enjoying the festivities

Lots of dancing groups

The cow is the center of attention

Nobody needs to go hungry here

Lots of folks in attendance

Performers on stage

Putting up a banner on a home that fronts the square

Close-up of this first one

Then putting up a second one

Lots of friends around

Some of the group involved

Like I said, lots of people, especially when the rain stops for a few minutes

The rain starts and stops all afternoon

One resident let us decorate their empty family home

Lots of room for different banners