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Tuesday January 17, 2017 Independents

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Tuesday January 17, 2017
We did a little run to El Centro to get a couple more warm alpaca blankets for sleeping.  We also went to a large stationery store (Papeleria) to ask for a normal calendar and were disappointed again.  I even phoned my bank and they didn't have any.  Jeepers, here it is, January 17th, and nobody has a bloody 2017 calendar...  Unbelievable..
I got a late call for a 7pm meeting to involve Coopera members to join other independent disaffected groups to plan strategy to back the only real alternative to the present government that has cheated us all.  I put out the word to the expat Coopera "injured parties" and got about 3 answers back but I still ended up being the only white face to show up as usual.  I was 2 minutes late, and was virtually the first person in the door, but this is Ecuador.  People were still coming in after 8pm.  We ended up with up to 18 people.
While I didn't understand too much of the suggestions or the nuts + bolts of the meeting, the essence is to get the Lasso + Paez team elected next month.  I have met Paez, and he has promised us justice, and jail terms for the corrupt officials who have stolen our money and hidden behind corrupt courts.  The group are also apparently backing a candidate in our province, Lourdes Cuesta.
The  meeting was in a magnificent hacienda called Villa Paraiso which would be awesome for a dance place except for its remote location.  They seemed to have sound and video gear all set up in the rafters.  Very tempting....
I also used the opportunity to take Toxic for a run.  It starts right off the bat, every time, and I sure am going to miss that little beauty.  Hold up your hand now if you want some great cheap transportation...
I hope you enjoy the photos.  That was the day's excitement.   Cheers, Al 

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Toxic in front of the beautiful Villa Paraiso

I was 2 minutes late but wasn't missing anything.

The initial group gets aquainted

Waiting for a few others to show up

Graciela's grandson

A big banner to parade around

Supporting federal and provincial politics

This sign will be hanging in my home as well

Awesome venue for a dance??

I loved this artwork on the wall

and I did a different version (because I can)

Group shot # 1

Group shot #2

Group shot #3

Group shot #4

Group shot #5 by Graciela (I am in it)

Group shot #6 by Graciela (I am in it)