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Monday January 9, 2017 Christian

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Monday January 9, 2017
Early Monday morning we went to Hospital IESS to see the neurosurgeon who performed my neck operation to review the recent x-rays.

I questioned the disjointed, slightly crooked vertebrae, and the fact that I have trouble swallowing.  He claims that everything is just fine.  To do the operation they needed to shove things to the side, muscles, trachea, etc., so it will take a while before they adjust back to normal.
Christian drove, and I was a passenger, as we took Buzzer to the dealer MultiMotos to see why the battery dies within a day..  We never, ever had a problem with Toxic.  Pancho, the mechanic, says it is common on a new bike that is not ridden every day to have a weak battery.  We have to teach the battery to take and hold a charge.   Anyway, he kept it to make sure it is not caused by some other problem, like the accessory wiring that he installed.
Then we walked over to the bus station to buy a return ticket for Christian for tomorrow at 5:30pm from here, direct to Tulcan.  Well, this is Ecuador and they swapped routes, so now the bus leaves at 9:45pm so Christian decided to buy one for tonight.  We are so sorry to see him go.  Having an amiable, able-bodied man around the house has been a God-send.
So it appears that I may be riding Buzzer a little sooner than I expected when I have to pick it up tomorrow.  Handling a 200 lb bike needs a lot of upper arm strength and I know that I am not quite there yet, so I will have to be extra cautious and not get myself into any strenuous situations.  Exercising regularly at home is really helping and the feeling in my body is slowly returning, especially to my hands.  Being able to hold and actually grip something is one thing, but actually being able to feel what I am holding is another.  I will certainly be glad when this numbness goes away.
A couple of days ago, Cristina rescued another baby bird that was unable to fly and is nursing it back to health and she seems to be having success this time.  Every time I go to take a couple of shots the baby is always asleep so I don’t want to disturb its progress.
I have a few people who say they are interested in buying Toxic but few are serious, just tire-kickers, because nobody has bothered to even come and look at it…  Frustrating.  Since I put Toxic outside the door with a sign on it I had one fellow neighbor ring yesterday and look at and promises to be back tomorrow noon.  Crossing my fingers.
I hope you enjoy the photos.  That was the day's excitement.   Cheers, Al 

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Goodbye Christian, it was a pleasure having you visit.

It is always sad for Cristina...