Thursday, January 12, 2017

Thursday January 12, 2017 Herederos

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Thursday January 12, 2017
Well, I got to pick up Buzzer at the dealership this morning.  Pancho, the mechanic, says all is OK, I just need to run the bike a little every day until it learns to charge itself normally. 
Riding away felt a little strange because my balance isn’t quite 100% and I am apprehensive about making a mistake, so I avoided traffic and was very cognizant of my surroundings.  It felt good, but a little weird.
I stopped at the body shop that repainted my red car to ask about painting my helmets a brilliant yellow to match Buzzer.  The shop has a new owner and I almost choked when he mentioned a plasma system and wanted $60 a helmet to do the work. Jeepers!  All I want is bright yellow paint, not graphics...!!
I went home, changed clothes, and left early for Spanish class.  My first stop was at the $1 hamburger stand east of the University of Azuay.  This place is always busy and the last time we watched, people were getting their food within a minute!  It was no different today and the burger was every bit as good as the basic NA burgers.  Did I mention that it comes with a small drink as well??
I continued east to a bike repair shop where I know the owner.  He rode with us when we were giving rides to the kids at Cetap Lucy.  I asked him for a recommendation for painting the helmets and he said he could handle it, $60 for the 4 helmets!  I told him that I would be back..!
Then I went for a few minutes to Parque Paraiso and enjoyed the sunshine before arriving early for Spanish class.
Gosh I sure enjoy my time with Teo, enjoying his knowledge and patience, while learning at a comfortable pace.
Cristina’s bird is getting more active, liking to climb on things, and now, looking out the window.  I don’t know when he will be airworthy soon, but at least he looks really healthy.
Tonight, Gustavo came to the house and we rode together to join the Herederos in spite of the rain.  I was only coming to say Hi and take a few photos while Gustavo was in his role as route coordinator.  I was quite sore after the morning riding so I did not feel up to a long night ride, although Gustavo’s route sounded interesting.  We were joined by Kelly from Hearts of Gold/GringoTree and 2 of her visiting friends from Maryland.  They came with helmets to join in as passengers on the ride.   Gustavo’s curtailed the route because of the wet streets anyway, so I bade my goodbyes and headed home.
Oh,.. I forgot to mention earlier that Kelly had done and article for GringoTree about the Motorcycle Subculture in Cuenca and actually quoted me…
I stopped in to see my buddy, Jesus, at Big Kabuda’s Burgers and foolishly ordered the Porky’s Burger, knowing I would only be able to eat ½ of it.  Then Jesus said that he changed his fries and made me a batch to try.  What a huge improvement over his garlic fries!  These fries are probably the best in town.
I hope you enjoy the photos.  That was the day's excitement.   Cheers, Al 

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Birdie looks ready to fly the coop

Outside is beckoning

Hopefully he will be ready soon.

The fog was burning off this morning

Back home with Buzzer

The early group of Herederos

Then the heavens opened again for a while

The rain quit and the group grew

Still waiting for more to come

Kelly and her Maryland visitors

Getting fired up to leave

The beautiful Puente Roto