Friday, January 20, 2017

Friday January 20, 2017 Helmets

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Friday January 20, 2017
A very lazy day on our end today.  Spanish class got cancelled so it was hours before we got cleaned up.
After the obligatory computer work in the morning I just crawled back into bed to try to get caught up on much-needed sleep.  It is really difficult to get proper sleep because the aches or the weird skin sensations literally wake me up every time I have to move between my two sleeping positions.   Hopefully I will regain 100% of the lost feeling  below the neck before long.
My only other real chore today was to go retrieve the two helmets I had left for painting.  The boss wasn't there when I arrived, but he showed up before long.  I couldn't see my helmets in his office so I was hopeful, and then I was rewarded for my optimism.  The helmets are not perfect, this is Ecuador, but then I certainly did not expect perfection for $15 each.  The paint needs to cure for a few days before they can be polished and decals applied.   I swapped for my other two helmets and need to come back a week from tomorrow.  Now I need more decals...  People will certainly see me coming.....
I hope you enjoy the photos.  That was the day's excitement.   Cheers, Al 

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