Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Wednesday October 12, 2016 Off She Goes

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Wednesday October 12, 2016
WOW!  477 people looking in since Monday's post!!   What am I doing right (or wrong)??  THANK YOU to everyone taking a peek!!!!
Tuesday I forced myself out of the house to deliver the IVA receipts to SRI.  I arrived late morning therefore it was fairly busy with 12 people ahead of me, so it took the better part of a ½ hour but they have no problem with my classy paperwork.
For my third batch, I went to 12 de Abril market to try to buy bags for the doggie poop.  They get cheaper every place I try.  For 100 bags, the first place charged me 70c, the second 60c, and today was only 50c.  I wonder where I will find 40c next time..??
In the afternoon we watched Ecuador vs Bolivia in the South American futbol (soccer) eliminations, but Ecuador only showed up for the second half to luckily tie the game at 2-2.  Then we switched to watch most of the Colombia-Uruguay game which was much more evenly matched, and that one also ended in the same score.
We rode Toxic to the bus station to get Cristina’s ticket on Flota Imbabura for tomorrow evening.  This particular bus goes from Cuenca direct to Tulcan at the border for only $20.  There she crosses the border on foot, no inspection, and catches a bus from Ipiales to Cali.  It is too bad that the return bus from Tulcan is not at a good hour for proper connections.
Well the awful day has arrived when my bride of one year is leaving me for a few days to visit in Colombia.  She was packing all morning and still managed to forget her camera.  It rained in the morning so we waited until the afternoon to walk to Coral to pick up chocolate gifts and also food supplies for her long bus trip.
We caught a cab to the bus station and waited for the bus to arrive at the gate.  We had bought a ticket for the seat directly behind the driver so she will have more leg room and a better measure of security.  Once she was safely on the bus, I came home just in advance of the heavens opening again, and again.  
So, I am a bachelor again for 12 days or so, and though I will certainly miss the good wife, in a way, I will enjoy the freedom of not having to check with the boss about everything, lol....
All photos, except the first, taken with the Lumix which seems to do a creditable job outside in the sunshine.
I hope you enjoy the photos.  That was the day's excitement,   Cheers, Al 

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Loved this sunny morning view of the sunflowers

Look at the knot that is holding his board...

Had to try the shining water setting on the Lumix

I am impressed with the way it handled that bright light

Mixed clouds shortly before her departure

Ready and waiting to board

Then the heavens have opened, twice.. (see the rainbow)

Just testing the full zoom capability (not bad....)