Friday, October 21, 2016

Thursday October 20, 2016 Herederos

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Thursday October 20, 2016
Another 278 views since yesterday...  I am impressed with you folks!  
Cuenca is known as one of the cleanest cities in South America, and it is.., especially if you compare it with pigsties like Guayauil, but.... that is mainly because they pay people to clean the public areas of the city and they do a decent job.  However the early morning walks sure show the dirty habits of the citizens who are mostly too lazy to find the nearest garbage can, or to take their garbage home with them.  There are the garbage pickers (recyclers) who also help a little, picking up the plastic bottles and other recyclables left by the people who eat and drink in the street.  Since I front onto major walking paths, I see the disgusting stuff people leave in the green spaces (like old carpets and construction debris) to mix with the dog poop from street dogs and those with lazy owners.  God bless the cleaners in the blue uniforms.
The doggies keep getting me up earlier and earlier, closer to 4:30am lately so that almost necessitates a nap sometime during the day.
I joined the Herederos tonight and was waiting for Oswaldo and Jeff to join us but they both wimped out.  They missed a very long ride tonight encompassing a gas stop, a liquor store stop, running by the Mirador de Turi and continuing into the Circumnavigacion Sur (south), then a run to the Cajas with a smoke and drink break, a return through San Joaquin to a PiattoPizza joint just on the east side of the Coliseo.  One of the girls had called ahead and was told that they were open until 11pm.  We get there at 10:10 and they won't serve us inside, but only for take-out!  Personally, I was pretty shocked at this crummy customer service for about 16 hungry people and would have walked away, but the "bosses" decided to order 2 gigantic pizzas and we ate outside.  The pizza was not that great so I definitely won't ever go back to that place.  
If anyone wants to start a new business in Ecuador, it should be to train Ecuadorians in the meaning of Customer Service.  It is so rare to get good service in any retail outlets here that it is a shock when a vendor actually cares to serve you properly and tries to satisfy your needs.  Those are my rants for the week...
I hope you enjoy the photos.  That was the day's excitement,   Cheers, Al 

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The usual suspects gather at the usual place and time

Actually we seemed to have a few new folks tonight

Gotta love this meeting place...

Love all the lines and curves in this shot

No, this is not a drone shot, it is taken from the stairs

I think we started off with at least 18 people on 15 bikes

Always a fun outing on Thursday nights

Some very pleasant distractions

Light and shadows

A break at the liquor store, I don't know why..

Some of the lovely ladies that join us regularly

A stop in the Cajas to the west

Piling in to the pizza joint

Not recommended... Lousy service, mediocre pizza

Forced to eat outside

There are 3 of us taking photos, so we are not in the group shots

This was taken with a flash