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Thursday October 27, 2016 Herederos

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Thursday October 27, 2016
A very nippy morning for Cuenca while walking the doggies!  It has been a long time since my hands were feeling so cold.  Turns out it was only 3˚C, the same as Edmonton and Calgary this morning!
The city lawn people finally made it to our section today.  We expected them much sooner because they were only 2 blocks away last Friday.  At least the shorter grass makes it much easier for walking the girls.
Cristina is on her way as of last night, leaving Tulua around 8pm.  She was at the Ecuadorian border around 11:30am.
I gave Princesa a bath to remind her that she is indeed a white dog.  She loves to play-fight outside so much, and rolling in the grass is part of that.
I then made supper using the Carolina Smokehouse’s smoked Canadian bacon.  I ate a whole $5 package along with 3 eggs, and shared some sparingly with the unappreciative dogs who just gulp it down without savouring the taste.
Cristina called around 7:20 to inform me that she was in Quito, and again at 7:45 to say she was on the bus to Cuenca, so I can expect her around 4:30am.
As I arrived for the usual Thursday Herederos ride, after I snapped a few of my usual shots, I saw this tall, pretty blonde waving at me.  I was surprised to see Kelly from Hearts Of Gold there chatting and taking pictures.  I guess she is doing an article for gringoTree on some of the biker clubs in the city.  It turns out that she knows Dr Juan in our group as well.
We didn’t ride far tonight, only to the Estadio where some sort of Hallowe’en event was going on.  Some joker on a motorized tricycle, with no lights and wearing dark clothing was purposely sliding all over the street and circling the stadium because he had some kind of vinyl covering on his tires..  I was so scared that I was going to hit this idiot as we arrived.  There were many people in costumes, and vehicles done up for the theme.  At least they enjoyed getting their photos taken.
The next stop was also only a few blocks away at a big, new Honda dealership.  Many of our group found some (free?) beers but I never did find out where... Boo hoo...  I went to stand near this mannequin, then it moved,.. scared the heck out of me!!  This girl had such perfectly pale skin and was incredibly skinny in this tiny mini-dress, that it was an honest mistake on my part.  She was there as part of the window-dressing.    
I saw a really nice scooter with a $4,000 pricetag and was so disappointed to find out that it was only a 125cc with 9 horsepower…  The new Motor1, 150cc with 17 hp is sounding pretty good right now for about ½ the price.
Then we did another long tour through El Centro before everyone went to a burger place on Solano, and I bugged out.
I hope you enjoy the photos.  That was the day's excitement,   Cheers, Al 

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Weed-Whackers are used here instead of lawnmowers

The ground is so uneven everywhere that this works better

Cows are the other main alternative here

These early shots are taken with the Lumix.

Looking west along our pathways

I dug into my supper before remembering to take the photo

Somewhere in this ball of white fur is our Princesa

Dr Juan's lovely Vespa

The early line-up of bikes

Taken from higher on the stairs

The Puente Roto (Broken Bridge) up above

Of course, Todos Santos

Kinda like the greeenery in this shot...

I took this hanging over the edge...

Gee, Todos Santos again...

Kelly and Dr Juan discussing things

Kelly is pretty fluent in Spanish

Getting close to departure time

Frankenstein in his hearse car

Lots of nice folks in costume

All willing to take photos with our people

The lunatic with a passenger on the motorized trike


Neat stuff!

Checking out the trike

Hey, they are colourful !!

Ecuadorians love to party

Painted ladies (and a bottle of wine??)

Nice of them to let us join them

Itchy nose, kiss a fool Rita

Lovely ladies

Lovely ladies 2

Getting a selfie

E.T. joins the crowd

Photo op with E.T.

We hung around here for quite a while

Frankie seems ambivalent to all of it

He is getting driven around in the back of a pickup

The ghoul and the girl (Rita again)

The infamous trike with vinyl covering on the wheels

My live mannequin!

Group shot#1

Group shot #2

I can dream, can't I ??