Thursday, October 6, 2016

Thursday October 6, 2016 Anniversary/Illescas

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Thursday October 6, 2016
Happy 1st Anniversary to my lovely wife Cristina.  We have had lots of miscommunications due to the language differences but those are getting less and less all the time.  My practical wife only wanted to celebrate at the same Colombian restaurant as we did on the day of our wedding, Moliendo Cafe, then do a walkabout.  We loaded up on the Country Sampler Platter, with rice, beans, plantain, egg, sausage, arepa, ground beef and chicharon (a delicacy of fried pork fat).  We ordered a side of chicharon and 4 beef empanandas to go with some lemonade.
Then we went and had a cheesecake and ice cream cones at the Victoria Hotel.  We walked slowly down Calle Larga, checking out the clothing and jewelry shops and found the new gallery of pre-eminent Cuenca artist Miguel Illescas.  I have met Miguel on several occasions, primarily in connection with Hearts Of Gold functions and he was happy to show off his gorgeous gallery.  He allowed me to take photos (I only had the Lumix with me) knowing that I would be giving him more free advertising.... and I certainly don't mind doing that, because he is, without a doubt, one of the best innovative artists in the country.  His gallery includes work from other great artists as well.  The gallery is just a block west of the Banco Central/Pumapungo Museum.
Next, we turned onto Huayna Capac and continued into the metalworkers district, checking out the artisans.
We caught the bus home just in time for a quick walk with the dogs before the heavens opened for a small thunderstorm.  There were very miniscule hailstones in with the heavy rain, and not enough to damage anything.
I hope you enjoy the photos.  That was the day's excitement,   Cheers, Al 

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The big Xmas tree being assembled at Monay Mall

Happy Anniversary to us

A side of beef empanadas (yummy with hot sauce)

The decadent chicharon

A little bit of everything on the Country Sampler Plate

Miguell Illescas new gallery on Calle Larga

Miguel's art # 01

Miguel's art #02

Miguel's art #03

Miguel's art #04 (famous for his iguanas)

Miguel's art #05 (a lot cheaper than I thought)

Miguel's art #06

Miguel's art #07

Miguel's art #08

Miguel's art #09

Miguel's art #10

Miguel's art #11

Miguel's art #12

Miguel's art #13

Miguel's art #14

Another artist's work

Miguel's art #15

Miguel's art #16

Miguel's art #17

Miguel's art #18

Miguel's art #19

Miguel's art #20
Miguel's art #21