Friday, October 7, 2016

Friday October 7, 2016 Cetap Rides

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Friday October 7, 2016
Wow!  Over 210 views yesterday alone!  THANK YOU to everyone who bothers to read this Blog.  I am blessed.
For more than a month we had scheduled with Kelly at Hearts Of Gold to meet with other bikers and take the kids at Cetap Lucy school for moto rides this afternoon at 2:30.  The child that I sponsor still goes to school there in the mornings but has graduated to a normal school in the afternoons.   I am very proud of his progress.
As we were leaving the house at 2pm, because Cristina decided to come along, we looked at the sky to the south and it was really dark grey.  I had warned everyone that two forecasts predicted rain and thunderstorms from 1pm on today.  It wasn't looking good at all even though the sky was a little more blue where we were headed.  A few piddly raindrops did not stop us.  We went to the gas station south of the Autopista to wait for Jeff to show us the way, even though he had sent me a decent map and indicated where to to turn.  Then I got a message from Jeff that he was having problems starting his bike so he may not make it...  The dark clouds were still mostly to the left of us so we soldiered on and luckily did find it.
We pulled up at Cetap Lucy just before Colleen and Maria-Jose from HoG, and were met warmly by Rocio and her sister who run Cetap Lucy.  Then we found out that Linda (LT) had wimped out to ride with us but that Colleen's husband and 3 friends were coming with motos.   Then Jeff surprisingly showed up after all!
Nervously we kept watching the sky and jeff and I decided to start quickly because those clouds could be overhead at any time.  We each took a child with us per run, and I would let them sit in front of me so that they could grip on the mirrors and see the ride up close.  The kids were just giddy with excitement all the way and were especially gabby on the return leg, and especially when we would goose it on the good stretches.  At 3pm the other guys came and we really gave the rides in earnest.  The kids will be talking about this for a long time, ...especially about the one tiny motocross bike with a 150cc motor!  Talk about cute, ...and fast!!
I did not get any pics of the kids on the bikes, but Maria Jose did, so I hope to see those soon.
I also put my name in with my fellow Canadian and volunteer coordinator, Eric F., that I would be interested in being a floater helper for his group when they encounter conflicts with trips, vacations, etc.
Thank you to Hearts Of Gold and Rocio for helping organize this special day for the kids.  We had as much fun as they did, seeing the smiles and hearing the giggles of excitement.  We also have to thank the Good Lord for moving the storm clouds to the east for a bit to allow us to give everyone a ride.
Most of the photos were taken by Cristina with the big Canon (Thank you Cris, good job!).
I hope you enjoy the photos.  That was the day's excitement,   Cheers, Al 

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Kelly from HoG at the back with the kids

Rocio and her sister helping the kids with homework

Kelly also helping out with homework

I am showing Cris how to operate the camera

The kids were really well behaved

It is the adults that we had trouble with, lol.

Eric is in the middle rear with all the kids

Colleen and baby Nico are at the left rear

Toxic wanted to be in this shot I guess....

Trying to get almost everyone in the shot

Jeff is wondering about something...

Organizing a line in front of the bikes

I have to move Toxic over to the other side

Organizing, organizing

More or less everybody, except Cris and Maria Josee

One little guy on Toxic

The poodle is a ham

He knows the camera is following him

Back for more photos

Now I have two kids on Toxic

Then 3 kids on Toxic