Monday, October 10, 2016

Monday October 10, 2016 Coopera Meeting

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Monday October 10, 2016
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Nothing much was going to happen today, feeling really lazy lately, but I had listed my IVA receipts and was about to take them into SRI when I got a last minute call to meet Assembleista Oswaldo Larriva at his home with a few Coopera folks.  So I rushed on Toxic to Mall de Rio to catch a ride with one of the Perjudicados de Coopera.  We had to swing across to the northwest to pick up another lady and the traffic was ridiculous everywhere, so we were a few minutes late.  It didn't matter because the maid said that Larriva wasn't home.  A couple of phone calls later and the meeting place was now at the nearby Cuenca Tenis and Gold Club (their spelling).  
So we get there only to find out that Larriva can't come because of medical tests, but we are meeting with yet another politician who is running for President by the name of Paul Olsen.  Apparently he is a cattle rancher from the Guayaquil area who has the backing of the Guayas Prefect who doesn't have a great reputation with my friends..., but then, that is true of almost every politician. 
And somehow, Larriva's brother came to our meeting..
Anyway, it was yet another case of a politico making promises to our disgruntled group trying to get our votes.   Most of us have heard this same song and dance routine before.  I keep telling people that we would have no problem getting our money back if the crooked courts would get exposed.  This government has broken so many Constitutional rules in the Coopera case that they would fold immediately if we could just get an honest judge, but they all too afraid of the mercurial President Correa.
Sorry to be so cynical, but that is the only way to approach the politics here.
The photos are all taken with the new Lumix which I am still learning, but I already know that it is not great in low light conditions like today, so I apologize for the poor quality of the pics.
**  Photos taken for me by Jorge Lenin Giron Lopez, who works for the Guayas Prefecture.

***Update Weds Oct 12 - received 5 photos taken by Jorge with his Canon T4i.
I hope you enjoy the photos.  That was the day's excitement,   Cheers, Al 

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The entrance to Larriva's compound, house in the center

Entrance to Cuenca Tenis and Golf Club

Cuenca Tenis and Golf Club

Paul Olsen (right) with his Azuay cheerleader

Politicians need henchmen in every corner of the country

They have a new political party

They need every friend, and vote, they can get

**They listened calmly while our folks gave our story

**Our grievances bring great promises if they are elected

This is Paul Olsen

This Larriva's brother

This is the new political party

Jairala (on the shirt) is the name of the Guayas Prefect

** Group shot

Paul Olsen in the center

*** These photos by Jorge with a good camera