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Saturday October 29, 2016 John + Barbie's

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Saturday October 29, 2016
Thank you to John & Barbie for hosting another delightful afternoon gathering in the sunshine at their lovely home.  The weather cooperated for a lovely potluck attended by a lot of old friends.
We had lively conversation and enjoyable music to go along with barbequed chicken and ribs and many side dishes and desserts.
I could have sworn that I was hearing Harry Belafonte as John and Barbie wanted their photos taken near the banana tree first, then the lemon tree.  I'll bet you are humming those tunes at the mere mention of them too.
I also got asked to take photos some time next month of some artworks.  Stay tuned.
My only problem was having to eat twice in succession as I had to work at Joe's Secret Garden following this party.  This old man came rolling home, goes that old song... 

I hope you enjoy the photos.  That was the day's excitement,   Cheers, Al 

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Many folks opted to enjoy the sunshine

Some folks opted for the shade near the musicians

Our hosts and the banana tree

Our hosts and the lemon tree

Relaxing and chowing down

Ray on the left with his 1962 Hummingbird guitar

Relaxed fun in the sun

Intentionally to make the wife jealous,.. lol

Scrumptious BBQ chicken

Sumptuous BBQ ribs

Heavy discussions about world politics

Cris needed many photos today

She got many, many compliments today

Luckily she had some Spanish speakers to talk to

Thank you Barbie for giving her this minidress