Friday, May 19, 2017

Thursday May 18, 2017 Pumapungo

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Thursday May 18, 2017
Yesterday we had a couple respond to Cristina's post on Facebook about finding Sparky so we were delighted that we may have found his true owners..  However, they said their dog was much lighter in colour and Sparky basically ignored them, so we still have the little guy.  If anybody wants to adopt this cuddly furball shadow, just let us know please.  I just don't have the energy to look after 4 dogs.
It seems that Cristina and I each have appointments every morning lately for physio or doctors and it is just super that our great guest from Canada, Dawn, keeps stepping in to help for so many things.  Thank you Dawn.
Today we went by bus to show Dawn the Pumapungo area.  We walked past Banco Central to go to the Miguel Illescas gallery on Calle Larga.  His art is so different and inventive and he is affectionately called "The Iguana Man" because of his large artworks of those amazing creatures.
Then we went to the Pumapungo Museum on the corner at Huayna Capac but were shocked when all the upper floor displays were closed for renovation.  There really wasn't much to see at all which was really disappointing.  Then we went down the hill to see the llamas and the aviary.  Our way was blocked to try to see the peacocks and many of the bird cages were empty.  Another very strange and disappointing occurrence.
So we walked up to Millenium Mall and had a relaxing ice cream at Tutto Fredo before wandering over to Parque de La Madre.
We got home and walked the dogs just before the heavens opened for one of the biggest thunderstorms of the year.  A south wind was driving the rain so hard against our windows that a 1mm gap left open in my bedroom window allowed big puddles to form on our wood floor.  There have been times where we have seen the Tomebamba rise 3 feet in a 1/2 hour and we are certain this would have happened again during this deluge.  The rain stopped and then started again later to negate our joining the Herederos for a ride tonight.  It is no fun riding in the rain, and it is dangerous on wet streets.
We have twice written to this purported contact for the IESS health coverage and have yet to get a response.  We also have not heard from any quarter about the proper processes required to prove our income...  So we will just wait... 
I hope you enjoy the photos. That was the day’s excitement.
Cheers, Al

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No, these are are not Sparky's owners... 

Miguel Illescas art #1

Miguel Illescas art #2

Miguel Illescas art #3

Miguel Illescas art #4  (modified by me)

Art in Pumapungo Museum, obviously recent

Amazingly lifelike display of an old loom

Display of the Spaniards conquering the Inca Atahualpa

Love this old photo of a Cuenca Art School

This too was captivating

A birdseye view of the aviary

Dawn and Cristina on the Inca ruins

Recreation of a photo once taken in 1992

The Pumapungo Inca ruins

A photoshoot was happening

Very few birds in the cages at the aviary

This raptor was watching us closely

These are 5 of the 7 llamas nearby

Cajas, Todos, Santos, Puente Roto, Tomebamba

Fresh fruits on sale at a busy corner

Statue at Parque de la Madre

Todos Santos