Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Tuesday July 19, 2016 Nabon Panos

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Tuesday July 19, 2016
HAPPY 19th BIRTHDAY to my grandson Dawson.  
The forecast yesterday said it would only be cloudy, with no rain today, so I decided to ride towards Loja and check out the scenery in that direction.  A few patches of blue sky seemed to suport the forecast so Cristina decided to come along.  She elected to wear shorts and a windbreaker for the trip and would not be persuaded to wear pants.
I have found another very useful program called Image Composite Editor, and it is a free download from Microsoft.    Here is the Windows 64-bit version:
This program allows you to "stitch" together sequential horizontal photos to create a gorgeous panorama in 4 easy steps.  So my mission today was to try to take a few photos for this purpose.
The sunshine was very sparse and once we turned left onto the road to Loja it seemed that we did nothing but climb, and the higher we went, the colder and windier it got.  Also, two of us on Toxic, going on a steady uphill climb is very slow going.  I saw that we were heading towards Nabon where I have friends so I called them to let them know that we were coming by.  However, 1/2 hour later I called them back to advise that we had decided to turn back.  I don't know how high we were, but the wind and cold were so bad that we would not have been surprised to see a snowstorm.  Cristina wasn't complaining, but I could see that she was getting frozen.
The ride back down was very quick and it was very welcome to greet the occasional patch of sun and some warmth again.  We pulled into Cumbe for a delicious Corvina Apanado (breaded sea bass) for late lunch and then continued on home.
We hit rain along the autopista so we actually took cover for 20 minutes to let the system pass us.  The 4 dogs are a great welcoming committee when we arrive at our door.
So, following are a few photos, including 3 panos that were 2 or 3 photos prior.  I am so impressed with this new (old) program, and I am mindboggled at how easy it stitches my photos together, especially since my shots are hand-held, no tripod...
I hope you enjoy the photos.  That was the day's excitement,   Cheers, Al 
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NOTE that you may click on any photo for an ENLARGED VIEW.

3 shots put together with ICE, then processed in PhotoShop and Smart Photo Editor

2 shots put together with ICE, then processed in PhotoShop and Smart Photo Editor

3 shots put together with ICE, then processed in PhotoShop and Smart Photo Editor

A view west towards the Yunguilla Valley where it is definitely a lot warmer..

Downtown Cumbe.  A really nice little town.