Friday, July 15, 2016

Thursday July 14, 2016 Herederos

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Thursday July 14, 2016
Happy Birthday to my lovely sister Yvette.  I wish her a tremendous day of happiness because she has been such a great support to me, and the rest of the family, over the years.
I went to the SRI office this morning with trepidation, as usual, with my May and June refund submissions.  I just knew that they were going to ask me to combine them, and I was right.  It is a good thing that I brought an extra printed face page so it was a relatively minor inconvenience.  Boy, the things we have to do to get $60 (which we probably won’t get for 6 months).
It was a nice evening so I finally talked Cristina into coming for the Thursday night ride with the Herederos.  I think it is easier now that she knows some of the folks from the ride to Ingapirca a while back.
The big surprise tonight was the appearance of 3 other lovely young ladies on 2 scooters who joined the group.  It is nice to have some pretty faces to go along with the surly faces of the guys, lol.
Tonight's ride was to the east along Gonzalez Suarez to one of the oldest communities in Cuenca, called Sidcay.  At the community halls along the PanAmerica they were having a celebration of some sort, and also some fireworks.   
We went further east to the turnoff to Challuabamba and then along the Autopista back to Cuenca.  The group was headed to some food place near the Universidad de Azuay but we cut off at Monay and went home.  Our dogs need regular walks so we don't like to venture away more than 3-4 hours if possible.  Lately 2 of the dogs have been eating way too much (our fault) and pooping every 3 hours.  The other two are still recovering from the sterilization procedures, and Princesa had us so concerned that we took her to the vet for affirmation that she was healing fine.  She is hardly eating or moving and doesn't even want to go walking.  The vet gave her a shot for pain and she is beginning to show signs of coming around.
I hope you enjoy the photos.  That was the day's excitement,   Cheers, Al 
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Juan and Augusto are busy taking selfies

We ended up with 10 motos for the ride tonight

Boredom shots until we get going

Looking down from the Broken Bridge

No space under the bridge for us tonight

Not a good shot...

Cristina joined us tonight

Lots of lovely ladies on tonight's ride

It is funny how the shot with no flash seems better....

This had the makings of a nice ride

Stopping at Sidcay

Many of the guys need a smoke break

Some fireworks from the Sidcay community