Monday, July 25, 2016

Monday July 25, 2016 Toxic

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Monday July 25, 2016
I don't know what's happening, but the views on this Blog since Saturday night jumped to 457!!  Welcome to all the new viewers!!
Yesterday there was supposed to be a Heredreos ride to the San Francisco Hydroelectric plant way south near Santa Isabel.  I was at the meeting place on time at 8am and I was all alone...  I called the one name on my phone and that fellow wasn't going, he thought the ride was Saturday.  So I went home.  It was bloody cold anyway.  But then I saw two different posts of photos of the ride on FaceBook, from Sunday!  Ughhhh!  Damn Ecuadorian time strikes again....  Usually this group is at least on time for these longer rides.   Today I ran into Doctor Juan, anothere Heredero, and he said there will be a ride to Giron next Sunday.  I guess we will see.
Today I tackled the nagging problem of the big slant on Toxic's seat.  When we slow down quickly, with Cristina on the back, we slide forward too easliy and that is a tad dangerous in an emergency situation.  Saturday I had talked to 2 upholsterers, one near the airport, and one near home.  The gal near the airport wasn't much help, saying I would need to talk to her husband on Monday.  The guy closer to home quoted me $70 and showed me the urethane base he intended to use to raise the front for me.  So this morning I went to the neighboring fellow but he was not there, supposedly back in 1/2 hour...  So I decided to check out the fellow near the airport and am glad I did.  He was much more professional, had proper foam and leather (even in red), and quoted $40,.. and it would be ready by 5pm.  See for yourself in the photos attached, he did a superb job and even Cristina is happy.  Toxic is getting more distinctive all the time.
While waiting I tackled another niggly problem.  I had bought a throw-together wardrobe that I saw in a shop for $13.  I knew it wouldn't last a week when I put it together but I did like the outside covering.  So I walked over to my neighbourhood metal guy and brought him home to show him exactly what I needed.  We struck a deal and he will make me a proper metal frame.  He took the old frame for measurements and I even gave him some wheels from a busted office chair to incorporate.  This wardrobe is to house all our jackets in the garage so it needs to be able to take a lot of weight and also account for the slope of the floor.  I should get that back on Friday.
We also confirmed our participation in a trip to the coast with Brian Gary which includes whale-watching.  I was on a similar trip with Brian 2 years ago and got some amazing shots of the whales.  I hope to have similar luck again.  We are making arrangements for the 4 dogs while we are away.
I hope you enjoy the photos.  That was the day's excitement,   Cheers, Al 
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See the huge slope on the seat to overcome...

I am very happy with this very professional work

Distinctive reds on Toxic

A much more level ride for both of us

It will be much more comfotable, and safer, for both of us.