Monday, July 18, 2016

Monday July 18, 2016 Smart Photos

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Monday July 18, 2016
With the rainy and cloudy days upon us again, I am basically housebound, so I am spending my time working on my photos, re-stocking my supply to be uploaded for sale.  Weekdays, I generally upload 3 photos to sell on RedBubble and Fine Art America.  Hey, this is my hobby and it makes me about $30 a month, snicker, snicker.
The good thing is that I am enjoying this work, mostly because of a new program that I got on sale for about $25.   The program is called Smart Photo Editor and you can find it at  There is even a free trial....  I am still in the learning stage but am totally amazed at the effects that I can stack on an otherwise dull, but interesting shot.
I just wanted to share a couple of simple examples of what I am able to accomplish with this incredible program.  It isn't without the odd glitch, but overall I am over the moon with it.   You will be seeing a radical change in the works I upload for sale (seen on my Facebook page too).
I hope you enjoy the photos.  That was the day's excitement,   Cheers, Al 
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NOTE that you may click on any photo for an ENLARGED VIEW.

Before - a selective colouring artwork

Before - a scenic shot of milking cows high in the Andes

After - A composite with a colour photo

After - Adding sharpness, colour, light and sunshine