Thursday, July 28, 2016

Thursday July 28, 2016 Herederos

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Thursday July 28, 2016
I whiled away most of the day working on photos and just love the options on that Smart Photo Editor.  Just being able to change backgrounds relatively easily makes it worth the money.
I got late notice on Facebook that the Herederos were invited to a Motocross Enduro exhibition at Mall de Rio at 7pm so Cristina and I rushed over there.  The place was a zoo, too many cars, and too many people and no place to park.  Also we couldn't see any from the group so we just headed to the Broken Bridge on the off-chance that some might show up...  Imagine our surprise when we saw a line-up of bikes on the stairway, and before 7:30..!!
Then they tell us that they are going to Mall de Rio, so I just said been there, done that, too many people and I am not going back there.
I wandered into the Broken Bridge Tavern to see Michael from Torquay and was surprised to see melissa from Montreal sitting there with her family.  Melissa had just posted on Facebook today that she is starting to prepare take-out food by order.  I told her I will order some tourtierre at Christmas time.  I wish her the best of luck.
I came home and felt hungry for a hamburger so I checked the neighbourhood where there are at least 4 close options.  I chose a place I had never tried before and got hamburgers with a couple of French fries @ $1.25 each.  And they were pretty darn good once I added pepper and mustard at home...  It hardly pays to cook.
I hope you enjoy the photos.  That was the day's excitement,   Cheers, Al 
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A few bikes waiting to roll

Not parked in the usual place..

Same shot, different angle

Nicer spot for photos

Melissa, daughter and Santiago