Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Wednesday September 7, 2016 Matricula

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Wednesday September 7, 2016
Boy, it was a clear night and it was sure cool at 5am when I was walking the dogs...  I could see my breath and that is really unusual here.  
Sorry again for the dearth of Blogs but we have again been working on getting Cristina's approval for hernia surgery in between her headaches and vomiting.  It took a lot of specific drug applications to get both under control.  Thank God that she is almost back to normal today because her surgery is now scheduled for 7am tomorrow.  This took several doctor visits, approvals at the IESS office, approved at the clinic office, for each stage of the process.
Ecuador is like that for seemingly everything.  Nothing is streamlined so that you can go from one desk to the next...  no,...  you must go to one building to the next, and usually they are nowhere close to each other.
It is not much different for renewing your vehicle registration for which the use of a facilitator is highly recommended.  I have had Toxic for a year now and the "Matricula" was due for renewal by the end of September.   I had been there once for my car with my buddy Raul and I was not looking forward to this.  However I had Victor to translate and guide me through the process, starting with copying my Matricula and my Cedula (identity card).  They said it was $61.68 or something in all, but, of course, there are also other fees and taxes, and copies etc.  At least there are no bribes needed.
The location is really well hidden in the northeast along bad roads but at least all the buildings are within one block of each other.  First I pay $6 for something, then $2 for my abstract (clean), then over $70 for the main deal, then I need to run outside to a copy place to copy one of the newly received documents (why can't they just give you two of them??).  Then back to another office to get my renewal stamped and get a sticker to prove it has been renewed.
I was then expecting to have to drive in to get Toxic inspected but, because he is only one year-old, they don't bother...  From the time we left home to completion was exactly one hour.
The dogs are very good, for the most part and consume much of my day.  Everything revolves around their walk times because I schedule those regularly so we have no accidents in the house.  For some reason, Princesa has discovered the fun of removing paper items from the bathroom garbage cans....  so thos doors are being closed for a while.
Turi is just the greatest dog, calm and always squeaky clean, with occasional shedding being the only problem with her.  Her pastime is sitting in the front window and watching the world go by.
Mariposa is the matriarch, slightly older than the rest and sometimes gets jealous of her space and her growls warn the other two away when she is having one of her moods.  However she is great with Princesa and play-fighting with her to pass the time and to get some exercise.
Time for a nap....   Tomorrow will be a big day, and a busy day, depending on how Cristina feels after surgery.
I hope you enjoy the photos.  That was the day's excitement,   Cheers, Al 
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Princesa is soft and cuddly

Turi is so clean, calm and gentle

Mariposa lets them know that she is the boss

No Occupational Health and Safety rules here

This is the main Matricula office

You start and end officially in the building

Then you have to go to the building in the middle and come back

If I needed an inspection, I would go in the big doors